Time based events failing?

Wow, this is horrible. This hub can’t even handle basic timed events. I now have two stuck events and I have no faith that the other ones will fire every morning.

I’m leaving my stuck events as they are since we were told that SmartThings are “Self Healing” :laughing: I guess my event that has been stuck since November is just a slow healer.

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Thanks for your replies!
Last night, ST Good Night @ 11:30pm failed again.
But Tasker Good Night @ 11:45pm worked OK!
(I may have changed the Timeout parm to 10 secs)
This morning both ST Good Morning @ 5:55am and Tasker Good Morning @ 5:45am worked OK.
Last night, my Tasker Lamps off @ 10:00pm worked OK.

I can stop using my Tasker Good Morning, but am waiting for ST Good Night to function.

On a separate issue, my Activity Feed display is strange. Sometimes, not always, the entry “Sharp Tools” will preceed a Sharp Tools action. See my sample below at 10:00. Also the am/pm disappears from the display, and remains missing, only to return at 1:09am. My Sharp Tools issued Good Night was NOT preceeded by the “sharp Tools” entry.

Sorry for the slow response. Let me know if I can provide more info.

Here is my Tasker Good Night Profile:

Profile: Good Night 11:45pm (36)
Time: From 11:45PM
Enter: Good Night (35)
A1: A Phrase [ Configuration:Phrase: Good Night! Package:com.boshdirect.stwidgets Name:A Phrase Timeout (Seconds):10 ]

The profile looks straightforward and simple enough.

Per our discussion via PM, if you’re looking for additional resources on SharpTools, you might check out the SharpTools website:

I’m not sure why “SharpTools” would precede some items in the Activity Feed that were triggered by SharpTools, but not all. If you have some steps on how to consistently reproduce the issue, I would be happy to look into it.

I’ve had at least one (different) timed event fail each day for the past three days, using Rule Machine. These were not scheduled at peak-demand times.
ST is pathetic.

my stuff failed but due to power outages :)… good way to find out that one of my ups’s is faulty… new one on order… battery reads fine and full but wont switch over to battery.

Is it just me or are Scheduled Jobs (Timed events) failing more frequently? It seems over the past month even the simple things like turning off a light after two minutes is failing almost 20% of the time. I am pretty sure this is a SmartThings problem and not the result of other things such as connection issues. The IDE clearly shows the time the event is supposed to fire but the current time has passed that point. I know this is has been going on a long time but it seems to be getting much worse.

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2nd time I’m a week I had to delete and recreate shm security. Last time I couldn’t clear an alert. today it would not switch from away to any other mode.

I was about to say that I think scheduled events have become more stable over the past couple of days, getting less that 10 a day failed which is still garbage reliability, but leaps and bounds better that it was… but I probably just jinxed myself :frowning:

It’s definitely a server capacity issue… a majority of my failed scheduled events are on the hour, followed by the half hour, with other times in the hour a distant third.

Have been getting some weird and wonderful errors to pass the time though:

  1. physicalgraph.exception.UncheckedException: com.netflix.astyanax.connectionpool.exceptions.NoAvailableHostsException: NoAvailableHostsException: [host=None(, latency=0(0), attempts=0]No hosts to borrow from
  2. com.netflix.hystrix.exception.HystrixRuntimeException: C*-Event-Create timed-out and fallback disabled.
  3. and for no reason whatsever java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException
    in addition to my old faithful friend “java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Execution time exceeded 20 app execution seconds”

Fingers crossed the reliability is getting better… but I think I’ve got a better chance of winning the Lotto than getting a fully working SmartThings!

Thought it was too good to be true

Over an 80% failure rate of scheduled events over the weekend. looks like I’ll have to write off scheduled events.

Anyone know how to call the auto dimming smart app from IFTTT as I know I can rely on that.

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I agree that not everyone have this problem. Several months ago when there were a lot of people having timed event failures I have no problems at all. I counted myself as one of the lucky ones, but now I am on the other side of the fence again. I tend to think SmartThings has several servers and they all don’t run as well as they could. It seems when they do back end work it may cause users that were on one server shifting to another, hence the situation when one user’s problem goes away another user inherits the problem.

Whatever is causing it, it seems SmartThings is unable or unwilling to correct it. If it is a case of server overload then that means more money for them. It is too bad it has been going on for so long.

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What gets me is how there are schedules waiting for dates in the past! Where’s the self healing part they were talking about before?


Timed Event Failures are really getting bad. In the past four hours nearly 90% are failing. Even the most simple of apps that turn off lights after X minutes. MAKES ME WANT TO SCREAM!!!

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I can feel your pain. I’ve been rock solid for awhile now, honestly like 98%. Now the last couple days have been horrible, time based events shows scheduled and waiting. Then the time passes and nothing happens, very fustrating.

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Are you currently making ANY changes to your ST system? Or does your system go erratic during a period of NO changes?

After a month of NO Good Night routines…last night it fired 3 different times. I added a Tasker profile to issue Good Night at 11:35pm…it worked. I changed the Good Night routine to fire when there is a “period of no activity”. It worked at 10:10pm. And the scheduled Good Night worked at 11:53pm. Tonight I will remove the “period of no activity” and see what happends.

I havnt made any new changes in about a week. The few rules that have failed have been perfect since I created them awhile ago. I’ve been just watching times and whatever it missed I just do manually. I’m wondering if there’s some backend prepping for the update on Thursday.

i have had a bad week too… twice i had to remove and reradd smart home monitor security and now yesterday i had to rermove hue bridge through ide and re-add to get those lights working again…

Looks like I’m having the exact same issue as everyone else. I only just started using Smart Lighting timed events a few weeks ago and over the past couple of weeks my lights fail to turn on or off at least once ever 4-5 days. It’s a shame really, as I was starting to like SmartThings and was hoping to keep it.

Curious though, does anyone know if the V2 hub runs timed events off of the hub rather than the cloud? If running off the hub I would assume that these timed events would be more reliable like, 99.9% of the time reliable ? Or am I just dreaming…

The self-healing process have crashed due to server overload and there’s no one around to restart it. They’re now working on a meta-healing software to restart the self-healing process when it fail. :smile:


Sunset and Sunrise lighting routines stopped working yesterday and have not worked today either. No Changes made to my system. I opened a ticket as well.

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