Time based events failing?

Nope, stable here for almost a week now.

Knock on wood…

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I have, along with other failures too. Siren went off this morning despite being in home mode. Random lights were on last night for no reason.

My Sunset/Sunrise triggers are still hit and miss.

Mostly unreliable for me. Feels like I’m living with a poltergeist…

So I streamlined all my smart apps so I could help better diagnose my setup. It turns out my sunset triggers are triggering an hour after sunset, but they were doing so reliably.

Is there any way to figure out what time zone and location smartthings thinks you are in? It must think I live in another location or something.

I use IFTTT as a backup trigger for lights, which does fire on time, so there must be some setting that’s just not right in smartthings.

Thanks. My location appears to be set correctly since it knows when I come and go. I think there should be a clearer way to input your zip and check your location.

I went on the developer page and it has me in the correct time zone (America/Chicago).

My Smartthing sunset/sunrise triggers are almost exactly an hour after the sunset/sunrise here. I am baffled. Even IFTTT, with its inherent delay, is triggering almost exactly at sunset.

Write support@smartthings.com and they can take a look at it. Maybe you didn’t get daylight savings time turned on?

I sure will. Upon further inspection, the times for sunrise/sunset are incorrect in the IDE. they show:
Sunrise 7:24 AM
Sunset 6:06 PM”

When sunset is actually at 4:43 PM for me.

I’ll point this out to support and see where that gets me. Thanks!

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Here’s an update to my issues:

After emailing and messaging support, we tried some basic troubleshooting and fixed the incorrect Sunrise/Sunset times in the IDE (which then lead to late routines, etc).

The solution that worked: I had to move my geofence location (in the app under locations) to another time zone, save that change, and refresh the IDE so that it showed my location was now elsewhere. I then went back and changed my geofence location back to my home, refresh the IDE, wait a few moments, then it updated to the correct Sunset time.

I will pay close attention to see if it changes over the coming weeks, but I thought this might help people with failing routines at Sunrise/Sunset.


Sunset failed, again.

sunsetHandler 2015-12-02 5:12:00 PM MST 2015-12-02 5:11:59 PM MST WAITING Daily

Works well for a few days and then gets left behind waiting for a date that will never come. I thought ST had put something in place to catch things like this. I’m not a programmer or even close to one but in my head I think I could come up with a script that looks for timers that have ‘expired’ dates and catch them up if needed.

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After observing the failures of a couple of my scheduled actions for the past week or so, it’s apparent that the majority of failures occur at the top of the hour, and to a lesser extent on the half hour.

The platform just seems to forget about running some of the scheduled events.

Could the platform be overloaded due to the number of events scheduled to run at those times? And to get through the backlog it just dumps them?

I’m on a v1 hub.

Yes. It could be the case.

It’s not so much that the platform dumps them, as the timer for an app runs out at 20 seconds. If the app is hung up within the cloud, due to a long queue, it’s clock still counts down. They have a serious architectural problem with load management. That’s where they appear to be falling down. Good grief, these load patterns repeat daily, why not just figure it out instead of failing repeatedly. I don’t get it.

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OK, that makes sense… but still extremely frustrating!

They should just start the 20 second clock once your routine starts executing, not while it’s waiting in the queue.

Wait. Shouldn’t some of these simple routines (like turn lights on at 6PM) be handled by the V2 hubs locally?

As long as the devices you use are all using locally supported devicetypes (default SmartThings ones, not the custom ones) and you are using the Smart Lighting SmartApp then it should all be handled locally.

You can find a list of your locally running SmartApps by going to the following link: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/localInstalledSmartApp/list

Check and check. It was working for a while then just stopped working. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, rebooted the hub, and still doesn’t work…

does it show up on the list when you click the link above?

Does anyone know of a routine that will batch reset the scheduled events when they hang?

Of my 12 or so routines 2 or 3 will get “stuck” and show waiting on a scheduled event in the past.

I can fix each one individually by going to the scheduled time in the app and resubmitting it. But checking each app for a hang daily is getting boring fast. It would be nice to find a simple background routine which could be run daily to do that for me (although fixing the bug would be better).

Also while we’re on the discussion about local processing I checked both my smartapps and devices and both lists are empty. But the fix thats described of removing the smart-lighting and all the applicable devices and then re-adding them sound like a few hours lost from my life. So I’ll wait to see if ST can fix it from their end.

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