Tile problems

I move tiles around to put them in the order I want and the next time I open Things they’ve reverted to the previous arrangement. I’ve tried rebooting the hub and everything else I can think of --including doing it on my phone and on a tablet and making sure that the app is closed on devices I’m not using. I’m using the android gui. Does anyone else have this problem? A solution? A known problem?

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I have the same problem and no solution. I know I told ST about it.

Also, my shortcuts in the dashboard lighting section are in a different order every time I open the app. Told ST about that too.

I have found, not consistently across all platforms though. Setting your arrangement and properly closing the app will save it.

What do you mean by properly ?

I have the same random tile placement on the dashboard lighting section. I suppose opening a support ticket would be a good idea, but I guess I’ve been lazy! (LOL)

Minor annoyance, but it would be nice to have fixed.

When I said that I meant closing the app before it force closes (on android force closes seem to happen often) So in general make your changes and close the app.