Tile Disappears When Updating Device Handler

I took the Z-Wave door/window sensor and updated it to handler alarm events as open/close events. I did this because the Aeon Labs DSB29-ZWUS Gen2 didn’t report the tamper as open/close like the DSB04100 did. So if the device was tampered, the alarm wouldn’t go off. So I made a real simple change where I updated the notificationv3 section to point to the code that updated the status. now the tamper correctly reports as open/close, but the open/close tile disappeared. I didn’t make any changes to the tiles section. Also, I can’t use the sensor in any smart apps. It doesn’t even come up in the list as a selection. When I change the device type back to z-wave door/window switch, the tiles come back and I can use it in smart apps.

Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong here?