TI SensorTag (CC2650STK)


Anyone know if its possible to connect this to Smarthings via Zigbee?


I think it may be doable! @rpress any thoughts? I think your working with the same TI ZigBee stack??

I have one of these. Just for kicks I installed the ZigBee firmware from the iPhone app. I was never able to get the SensorTag to be detected by the hub. I’m assuming that it isn’t using ZHA by default, though some of the sample code seems to indicate it is. I only played with it for a few minutes though. If someone wanted to write a SmartThings compatible firmware I’d be happy to help test.

I’m pretty sure you can connect devices that run the TI ZigBee stack to an HA hub. I wonder if after you loaded the stack you still needed to configure it for the HA profile? For example to get Si Labs ember based ZigBee radio to join you have to set a few parameters like tell it to use encryption, put in the ZigBee HA encryption key, tell it to be a router or end device etc…

I honestly only spent about 2 minutes playing with it, and their directions all assume you’re using their bridge software on a BeagleBone. I don’t have the development cable, nor the time, to mess with it any further.

Yes, I am working with the SensorTag 2 using ZigBee.

TI supplies some source code to access a few of the sensors, and this pairs with SmartThings fine but there is no DTH yet. I’m working on one for my custom device, but I’ve been on a different project and haven’t gone back to this one yet.

You will need the IAR compiler to use Z-Stack. When I have something working I’d be happy to share my code.


Hey, did you ever manage to create a working device type for this?

Yup I did get it working. At first I got everything coded and then it would crash randomly. After banging my head for a while I found that the heap was full and I increased the size a bit and it’s been working fine ever since.

I’ll try to get my code packaged up and on GitHub so y’all can check it out. It might take me some time as I’m super busy lately but I’ll put it on my list of things to do.


Sounds great, really appreciate that! I just got a few of these and would LOVE to integrate them into ST.

Looking forward to trying out your code!

Hey so anything happened here? Was there any updates to connecting the tag to ST?


Hi, rpress
I just got the SensorTag. Could you share the code that can connect the Ti SensorTag to SmartThings?
Thank you.

I have put the code up here. It has some extra sensors hooked up on I2C and some other interesting things. :smile: But it should give you an idea of how it works.

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