Throttle Notifications?

I have a freeze monitor setup to notify me when temperature on a sensor drops below 32°. As temperatures fluctuate below 32°, I get a notification each time. I would like to get a single notification only. I don’t care that 28° now changed to 26°.

Any way I can set this up? Can anyone suggest a WebCore rule to achieve this? Thanks.

Add a 24hr pause

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I’ll try that out. Thanks.

I was thinking about this issue the other day when my area got wind alerts.
I don’t mind getting them more than once a day, but it was happening like every 15 minutes or something like that for a period of hours.

In my case, it’s not coming from a webCoRE piston, but just from the built-in ‘Home Weather Alert’ SmartApp.

So, would it be better for me to transfer that sort of thing to a webCoRE piston in order to have more control over how often it fires, or is there some other way of limiting it?