How to track trends and notify on deviations

I have a CoRE piston already which monitors a temperature sensor and notifies me every time the temperature exceeds a threshold. However, what I really want is to monitor a rolling average and only notify me if, for example, the average temperature has exceeded a threshold for the past hour or is trending upwards very quickly. I’m not sure how to accomplish this with CoRE or if it is even possible. Is this done using variables?

I whipped this up in webcore in about 10 minutes. It is untested but should do the trick. Might need some further tweaking.

As noted above this was generated rather quickly. The alert might go off when the variables are reset (exits the range) and when the first temperature is recorded (rises more than 15%).

Just as an aside, with WebCoRE you can have ‘Fuel Streams’. These can give graphs etc.
Here is one of many that I have.
This one is for Lounge temperature.