Using Multi sensor to monitor fridge temp

I need help trying to setup a notification when my fridge temperature goes above a 42 degrees. Ive tried setting up it in webcore but have not figured out how to get it to work. I just want a simple notification. Thanks for your help.

Use automations in the new app


This should work if you want to do it in webCoRE…

If you want to use it, you can just import it into your webCoRE instance with the import code.

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Sorry what is the new app? Is there something newer than webcore?

The new Smartthings app. There is the new app and the classic app.

The new app looks like this:

The classic app looks like this:

If your using the new Smartthings app, you don’t need webCore to monitor your fridge temp. If your using the classic app, the you will probably need to use webCore.

This worked perfect. Thanks for you help!

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O ok yeah I’m using the classic app. Thanks

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