Help with reducing multiple driveway alert notifications

Hi everyone. Long time lurker, very helpful forum. I’ve searched but could not find an answer. Maybe someone here can help.

I have the newest version ST hub, and am trying to get my Mighty Mule driveway sensor to play nice with it. I have connected it to an Ecolink door contact sensor. I have connected the green visitor light to the Ecolink and learned it in as seen in this video

Its working very reliably, but I get 6 or 7 consectutive push notifications on my and my wife’s Galaxy S10 every time the sensor is tripped. It’s likely from the visitor LED blinking a bunch of times at every event. Very annoying.

My question is how do I make it only show one push notification each event. I’m using Webcore to detect sensor and push notification. Maybe some sort of delay setting as the youtube poster says, but I cannot find any settings.

Thanks for the help.

Not familiar with this specific product.

However, with WebCore, you could setup a check variable. Works for me to prevent multiple button push triggers.

Something like:
IF sensor changes to open/active
and checkVariable is false
set checkVariable == true
send notification
do stuff
wait 20 seconds
set checkVariable == false

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Thanks for the advice, sounds like what I need to do. I looked in the groups section of webcore but do not see anything for checkvariable. And conditions only show my sensors. I’m pretty new at webcore, so I’m sure I am missing something.

Is this something that needs to be done on the computer, or can it be done in the smartthings webcore app?

You would have to make a Boolean variable Check_Variable in your piston. But I would change the “wait 20 seconds” to

IF Sensor Stays inactive for 20 seconds
   Set Check_Variable = false


IF Sensor changes to Active and Check_Variable is False
    Set Check_Variable = true
    Send Notification
    Do other stuff if needed
IF Sensor Stays inactive for 20 seconds
    Set Check_Variable = False

Otherwise, if your Sensor changes to Inactive (it changes state) during the 20 seconds WAIT, it may cancel the WAIT (because your trigger changed state) and execute from the top down again and never set your Check_Variable to False.

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Which version of the app are you using? I had the same problem with my Dakota Driveway Sensor and also use and Ecolink sensor, but mine only repeated 2 or 3 times. I set it up in the classic app with the “Notify me when” SmartApp and at the bottom of the setup menu there is a “minimum time between messages” selection. I set it for 5 minutes between messages…problem solved. Not sure if you can do this with the new Samsung app.

Thank you for this. It worked perfect! And was super simple to implement, just didn’t know that “notify me when” app even existed.

I’m sure the other options given would have worked also, just haven’t had time to mess with it, as that coding is new to me, but thanks everyone for responding.

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