ThirdReality smart button installing as Zigbee thing

I have an Aeotec Smart Home Hub. Firmware v 000.047.00011
I am trying to connect 2 ThirdReality ZigBee 3-way remote controls. When I put either switch in pairing mode, it installs as a ZigBee thing. This occurs on my s23 ultra and s8 Ultra (SmartThings v this point I am ready to return them.
Thank you for any help.

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You might want to try the Zigbee Button Mc Edge driver from @Mariano_Colmenarejo. You can subscribe to his channel and install the driver here.

Are you able to select a different driver from the menu? (Mine haven’t been migrated from the Groovy DTH)

Are you talking about the new “3 way” button or the original “smart switch”? I didn’t think there ever was a DTH for the button. The button has single press, double press, and long hold. The original smart switch just had a single press.

They have the same top outer case, but the back, and the functionality, is very different.

New button

Original smart switch

It’s the 3-way button - 3rsb22bz

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There is no option to select another driver.

This is new to me. I installed the driver. I re-added the button. Still shows as ZigBee thing. I went to driver to install a different one and it says no results found.

Then the driver doesn’t match either a specific or generic fingerprint for the device.

My driver supports that device.


That worked! Bought you a coffee as thanks!


I bought some of these during holiday sales late last year and they have been fantastic. They paired using a stock handler so hoping they migrate on their own, but good to know there is a community driver in case they don’t.

@JDRoberts Can we get this community driver and device added to the Edge Drivers Table or wherever the appropriate place would be?


It’s already tagged for the quick browse lists, so it shows up under remotes there.

Anybody can update the table. Well, anybody but me and other people who use voice readers. So feel free to go ahead and add it there as well. :sunglasses:

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