Third Party “Samsung Tv Remote Control” Android app from Peel Technologies identified as malware (April 2019) among other places recommend you delete the following apps immediately

  • Selfie Camera
  • Total Cleaner
  • Smart Cooler
  • RAM Master
  • AIO Flashlight
  • Omni Cleaner
  • WaWaYaYa
  • Emoji Flashlight
  • Samsung TV Remote Control (via Peel Technologies, Inc.)

How the heck does Google Play Store not catch these before publication?

That’s the whole point of using the quote-trusted-unquote Play Store.

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To be fair, this appears to have been intentional spying, perhaps on the part of the Chinese government.

Don’t feel bad if yours were among the nearly 100 million combined downloads for these apps. The developers obfuscated otherwise damning information—such as country of origin and the company who owns the app—that would normally raise red flags.

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