Thinking of buying but need advice


Hi everyone

I’m hoping you can help. I am thinking of gettting a smart thing started kit to go with my hue, harmony hub, echo dots and Sonos but not sure if it will do what I want on a couple of points.

  1. If I set a smartthings motion sensor in my kicthen can I set it to do something like the following
    Day - kitchen spot lights (hue) and under cupboard lights (smartthings plug) on
    Evening - kitchen spots low and no under cupboard lights
    Night - do nothing (as i have a cat)

I know in hue labs they are doing this but was hoping smartthings could too.

2, If the above works how does this interact if I add the same lights to a routine, what takes priority?

It’s during the day so the sensor detects me and turns all the lights on but i start a routine where the under cupboard lights are off and certain spot lights are different levels. how does this work as the motion sensor wants to turn all the lights to full?

Thank you


(Robin) #2

You can achieve all of the above using the awesome webCoRE app. You can write whatever rules you can think of and can also program variables to toggle on routines, which can override the motion sensor rules.

Watch the video here:

Options are virtually limitless!

p.s. I moved your post to the ‘projects and stories’ category.