Thinking about buying an ecobee3. Zwave or ecobee sensors?

There is an app for that.

The app is now available for download at my store:

See the following thread for more details on look&feel and features:


This is the ultimate flexible smartapp for anyone who wants to better control her/his ecobee thermostat(s), and later, create heating/cooling zones using Ecovents, Keen Home vents or ecovents (when these vendors ship).

With this smartapp, you can also create “virtual zones” (without any vents) where you can then adjust the heating/cooling setpoints based on the avg temp calculated from different room sensors with the ‘occupied’ option or not (it could be with any ecobee thermostats, whether ecobee3, Smart-SI, STAT-02, or even EMS thermostats).

  • Flexible schedule definition: you can define up to 12 schedules for your zones (mornings, weekdays, evenings, nights, weekends, etc.)
  • For each schedule, ecobee users can associate their climate setttings at ecobee (i.e.,Home, Away, Awake, Sleep, custom ones)
  • You can set your schedules to run only for some ST hello modes (‘Away’, ‘Home’, ‘Night’)
  • For each schedule, you can assign the included zone(s) according to your own requirements (ex. Upstairs bedrooms, 1st level, basement, etc)
  • You can define up to 8 zones for your home which can include up to 16 rooms
  • For each room, you can indicate not only the vent switches (up to 5 per room) to be controlled, but also any temp sensor, motion sensor, room thermostat that can help you better control the temp settings inside the zoned rooms
  • For each room, the occupied threshold (in minutes) can be customized based on your own needs
  • Automatic adjustments of the vent settings (every 5 minutes) so that your occupied rooms (based on motion detection) will get the most heating/cooling during a schedule run
  • Ability to set your ecobee thermostat to ‘Away’ or ‘Present’ based on all rooms’ motion sensors
  • Ability to adjust your main thermostat’s settings (every 5 minutes) based on outdoor temp sensor (optional)
    ** lessCoolThreshold: decrease the cooling setpoint according to a given outdoor temp threshold
    ** lessHeatThreshold: decrease the heating setpoint according to a given outdoor temp threshold
    ** moreHeatThreshold: increase the heating setpoint according to a given outdoor temp threshold
    ** moreCoolThreshold: increase the cooling setpoint according to a given outdoor temp threshold
  • Support of ecobee climate settings for temp&fan settings
  • Average temp calculation based on all room temp sensors inside the zone so that heat/cool settings are adjusted at the thermostat even if your rooms are far away from it
  • Virtual zones definition even if your actual home setup does not include vents
  • Option to control room thermostats for fireplaces, electric baseboards, or others