Things Store almost ready…

(Lucas) #1

Looks like the shop is getting close:

If you scroll to the bottom you can see prices for individual things. I was hoping Smartthings would break the home automation mold and provide that “killer app (thing)” to the community. I hope you send out a survey on the store. Price points are very disappointing and yes I understand that’s the market. Its just disappointing for I had high hopes when backing this open idea :frowning:

(Chrisb) #2

Hub = $99
Motion = $55
Multi = $49
Presence = $31
Outlet = $80

Hub seems reasonable given that the hub also gives you access to the SmartThings cloud and apps and whatnot. It’s not just the hardware you’re buying… you’re buying the system.

Motion is kinda high in my opinion. You can get the AEON sensor which has motion, temp, humidity, and light for about the same price.

Mulit seems about right given what you’re getting: Temp, accel, position, open/close. Obviously I’d love to get it cheaper, but it seems about right price wise.

Presence I have nothing to compare it to, so I dunno.

Outlet seems REALLY high given that you can get z-wave outlets for half that if you look in the right place.

(Brian Steere) #3

I really hope those aren’t final prices as well. That would make me regret not having added more things to my kickstarter package. I was hoping they would be in a similar price range as Kickstarter additions ($25 for non-outlet, $35 for outlet). At the store prices, I won’t be adding things to my network at the rate I had hoped.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #4
  1. I wonder if the SmartHub will include lifetime SmartCloud, or if there will ever be a subscription fee or premium service fee(s). If I take SmartThings at their word, then they really don't have a fleshed out business model yet; and, as such, they can't close the door on any possible revenue stream. The most lucrative opportunities may not be hardware.
  2. While the prices are reasonable (except for the Outlet, geesh!), I was hoping for better. One of the problems keeping HA from wider adoption is the high cost of outfitting a home with a large number of sensors and activators.
  3. That said: It is highly likely that prices will start to fall steadily as more and more competitors / suppliers enter the marketplace. This is a major reason I want the ecosystem to use open standards for device networking, not just for API access (Cloud-to-Cloud). If WiFi, 6loWPAN, Bluetooth LE, 433Mhz, X10, Insteon, etc., all can talk locally to/though one system, then the market is larger and that means lower prices due to both economies of scale and competitive pricing.
  4. WigWag is trying to offer "every" protocol through their hub, some via RS-232 or USB dongles. Seems like a good idea, but not sure how well they can execute. In the meantime, I'm exploring bridging from SmartHub to some other protocols (X10, BLE) -- Arduino likely sufficient to handle this (?), I hope; at least for proof-of-concept.

(Cory S) #5

People need to remember that unlike the zwave outlets the smart outlet does power metering. They also dont manufacture it, they just rebrand it. It sells for the same price elsewhere.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #6

Hard to remember that when there is no code in the Device Handler to read the Power Usage :wink:

They gave me the ZigBee cluster ID the other day during chat, I should take that as a challenge / learning opportunity…

Ironically, a non-dimming on/off outlet is among the simplest devices to build… Just a transformer to power the module and a single relay for the high voltage…

(Dave) #7

Looks like I’m going to have to start selling my no longer used Insteon hardware to help bankroll this upgrade. :slight_smile:

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #8


Ic your insteon are functioning reliably,…

How much would you be willing to pay for a bridge hardware to SmartThings? It’s something a few of us are exploring building and/or sourcing from China…

… CP.

(Emily Allen) #9

Good morning all, just wanted to give you a heads up that our store is now live:

Emily Allen
SmartThings QA

(Pmsmaker) #10

Well, That’s 3 weeks behind said goal but good anyway.
Maybe prices on ebay will be getting really good now.
I like the price on the shield!
Anyway, FYI - Freeee Shippping!

(Pmsmaker) #11

OK, a little glichy and polish needed.

    • looks like a glitch on checkout with the defaulted country USA - I had to reselect after NEXT
    • on the confirmation page the description of the item does not display - only Qty - I ordered a shield.
      For sure there is more - but I did get an order entered
      The confirmation email looked good.
      See ya! Thanks for getting it up and running!

(Chrisb) #12

Maybe I’m missing something, but why would anyone order an Aeon Open/Close vs. a SmartThigns Open/Close?

The SmartThings is $3 cheaper and provides a number of additional internal sensors. I suppose if you needed Z-wave instead of Zigbee, but I can’t think of a situation where that would happen.

(Emily Allen) #13

@pmsmaker Thanks, we’re working through some bugs and glitches right now, but glad you were able to get your order placed successfully!

(Csader) #14

I was wondering the same thing @chrisb.

(Daniel) #15

Was REALLY hoping for cheaper prices (especially for motion sensors). I was planning on really going hogwild to get a lot of granularity on motion within my house, but I was hoping the price would be closer to $30.
Makes me wish I had gotten more motion sensors in my initial package, instead of the 2 presence tags.

With that said, I think the store looks very nice and it’s smart of them to bundle ‘solutions’ like that.

Hopefully they will add official support for camera(s) soon. It’s the last thing that keeps my system from feeling ‘complete’.

(Emily Allen) #16

@drmcclin, thanks for the feedback on the store. If you’re chomping at the bit to get a camera set up (and have or want to buy a Dropcam), I can give you instructions for integrating a Dropcam with your SmartThings setup. It’s a little complex but achievable.

(Solardave1) #17

I received a “sorry” not for a while email from Danny @ st regarding camera integration.

(Dan Lieberman) #18

@solardave1 – Danny will be releasing his Foscam device type code this week with an accompanying blog post. There are certainly some caveats as discussed in the Foscam thread, but it shows the possibilities. As @emilyallen mentioned above, we also have Dropcam integration in place but not the user-friendly installation/provisioning bits - so you can set it up, but only through the IDE today.

(Solardave1) #19

@danlieberman - that would be great. I got the impression from Danny’s email that it would be some time before anything would be released, even if its beta/potentially unstable, etc. at this point, anything is better than nothing. Now, how about getting the UI to work in landscape??

(Danny Kleinman) #20

@emilyallen is correct that we can share instructions on Dropcam setup to those most eager.

@solardave1 - My “hit pause” note to you was all about Foscam. As I posted in the Foscam discussion on Build (, I’m planning to share Foscam prototype code following new features coming live in the next release (this week, I believe). Though, I should note, unlike the more friendly Dropcam, this is an example intended for the audience on Build.

Pretty cool stuff that it’s coming up so quickly.