Super Expensive!

shop is online
BIG disappointment…
the things are VERY expensive. During KS campain I read somewhere that it would cost around $25.

What do you think ?

@surajt – That was the Kickstarter pricing, as it’s common for early backers of Kickstarter projects to get significant discounts on products. The current pricing reflects our costs for manufacturing, acquiring, warehousing, and shipping the products, though we hope to see prices continue to drop over time with scale.

I don’t think the prices are high. They’re in check with the rest of the industry…and some things like the presence fobs are cheaper than I expected.

I was hoping for some lower prices, but as Cory said, these are inline with industry standards.

Still would love to find a cheap open/close sensor Don’t get me wrong, I think $49 is a decent price for everything the Multi gives you… but in the majority of situations where I want an open/close… that’s all I want. I don’t see the other things.

They’re in check with the rest of the industry

Sure they are. But I was hoping ST would break that and make home automation more affordable for masses.

When first $600 iphone came, it was also in line with rest of industry.
I remember Jobs saying you are paying for phone + ipod + internet communication device.
He added prices of 3 together and said $600 was much cheaper price to pay for such a device.
Apple had to cut down prices aggersively very shortly and then only they started growing iphone market.

Not sure I follow the logic. iPhone 5 is still $650 new.

An aeon multi (motion, temp, humidity and I think it does some other stuff - oh yeah, lux) is $52.50 with free shipping. How does that compare with a ST motion sensor that just senses motion and costs $55.00? I know that ST manufactures those themselves but for the money, seems like its a no brainier to pickup the Aeon’s.

They never lowered iPhone prices…carriers simply started subsidizing them like all the other phones they carried. It’s crazy how most people have no idea how the wireless industry works. I’m not insulting you, many intelligent people don’t know or care.

From the reading I’ve done the ST motion sensor is much more reliable, and all around better than the Aeon. The Aeon is a jack of all trades, master of none.

@csader iphone 1 @ $600 was contract price and now iphone 5 @650 is no-contract price.

This is way off subject… but like I said they weren’t subsidizing the phone. unlocked off contract was still 650 for the iPhone 1 (when they became available) Carriers have done this a lot. For example, most did, and some still make you sign a 2 year agreement even if you bring your own compatible equipment with you.

Yeah, ooof. It really turned me off to the idea of connecting a lot of things in my home. I don’t want to invest a grand on 20 devices only to have the company go belly up because the devices are priced “in-line” and not a mold-breaker, so they couldn’t move any of them. Then I have 20 devices and a hub that’s useless because the “cloud” was a requirement.

Really, congrats on the store, I’m happy that you got to bring to market, and good luck! But for me, there’s still a few hurdles that need to be cleared before I’ll invest at these prices.

I was hoping the presence tags were going to be cheaper…

@cory - in the mean time my ST motion sensor (mounted indoors) died yesterday and my 4 Aeon’s (mounted outdoors) keep on chugging away despite near hurricane winds and rain last night. Plus they have a much more flexible mounting arrangement and while they do have around an average 3 degree differential in temperature accuracy, the adjustable sensitivity of the PIR has been flawless in detecting motion.

And my Kia has never had an issue but my Toyota has been to the shop 9 times. Are all Toyotas crap…or maybe I got a lemon.


I can’t speak for the Zigbee items (Smartthing Multi, Motion, etc.) but the Z-wave items are very transferable. I have 21 Z-wave items that I was using with my Micasaverde Vera that switched pretty much seamlessly to SmartThings. I know that tomorrow I could switch to Lowe’s Iris, Schlage Nexia, At&t Connected Life, etc… and still have all the functionality I currently enjoy.

I agree with Blake above. Z-wave pretty much is Z-wave and should be compatible with any company that supports it. If SmartThings were to belly up for what ever reason some time down the road, all those Z-wave devices should jump right on to what ever company’s equipment you went to next. I have added various Z-wave products from different manufacturers and the ST hub sees them fine. I expect any Z-wave hub to see them should I so desire.

@jnovak (et al.): I highly recommend only investing in Z-Wave devices until other HA ecosystems become more prevalent. At least with Z-Wave devices you have the option of quickly converting to an alternate controller hub (Vera, Razberry, GE Remote, …).


I can’t find what the proposed long-term subscription pricing for the SmartCloud will be (for non-Kickstarters, I suppose, but big whoop).

Isn’t it a big deal to spend $99+ (at least) for a SmartHub and not know what the SmartCloud ongoing cost will be???

Not to hijack the thread, but @trotsky40 and @carleydelotte, do either of you happen to be using Everspring open/close sensors on your setup? I’m having difficulty getting them to work properly.

Sorry, that was meant for @carlaydelotte.