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Things I like BETTER about the new app vs Classic

I suggest you guys start a new thread for using presence in the new app, as you are flooding this one and it’s starting to get pretty off-topic.


Re: meet and greet at SDC…

Could you please also raise the issue of the migration of custom DTHs. This is a deal breaker for many folks on the forum.


All General discussion of the new app, including missing features, features you would like to see, and what @tgauchat should talk to the SmartThings staff about :wink: should go in the general discussion thread, not this one.

Or feel free to start a new thread for discussion of any specific feature or issue.

Please re-read the topic title and post 1 in this thread if you are not sure what belongs here. Thanks!

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Got it, will switch to a topic if we need to go further, but I understand now, you used it as a device status, not location, that is what I was doing wrong.

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I deleted my large list and moved it to the other thread, I would do the same for my Geo conversation, but I can’t control responses, so it would make thread fragmented, feel free to delete or move

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I hope you don’t mind the “reasonable selfishness” here. ActionTiles needs to focus on advocating our own needs. We aren’t custom DTH developers, so it would not be efficient use of our time to distract the people we contact with questions in this regard.

Understood. Hope you didn’t mind me asking on the off chance…

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No problem.

We definitely will attend the various sessions, etc., and keep our ears open to all kinds of chatter, and will share anything that’s not confidential.


Am I crazy or does the smart lighting on the new app not include a wakeup light feature? Or do I need to do it custom now for some reason?

I don’t think it has ever included a wake up light. Maybe that’s a separate smart app you are using?

Yeah I’m not sure, I’m just patiently waiting for it to show up. Us poor Europeans have to wait so long for everything.

OK, this one is a matter of taste, but I personally like the fact that the new app has insecure rejoin for zigbee disabled by default, while the classic has it enabled by default.

I have no idea what happens if you’re using both apps on the same account.

The new app is a mess. A lot of my devices will not load and since I have so many devices, Rooms is essential for getting to things quick.

New app, can’t logically navigate quickly…


I’ll be completely transparent about my bias here. The more awkward the SmartThings App is for “everyday use”, the more valuable that Customers will find ActionTiles to be.

With unlimited custom Panels in any layout you want, we give you even more than just “Rooms”. Any Thing can be in any number of Panels (even Things from multiple Accounts & Locations). So you can have Things organized by physical Room, and also by functionality (e.g,. a “Security Panel” that shows all your door and window sensors; a “Battery & Temperature Panel”, a Panel tailed for the children in the house, etc., etc.). … (4.9-Stars Rated on Facebook with over 180 ratings / reviews / recommendations).


Complaints and critiques go in a different thread. From the first post here:

There’s been a lot of discussion about the negatives of the new app, so I thought I’d start one about the positives. Who knows, maybe there is some SmartThings dev out there that is having a bad day and will read this and feel better :slightly_smiling_face: Feel free to add your feedback and let’s keep this thread positive!

Thanks! :sunglasses:

And here’s the thread where you can post your critiques:


Did you hit the like button?..:roll_eyes:

Bringing this back on topic, the new app lets you take still shots for Ring devices that allow video streaming


Found something else today I like better. The new app version of Smart Locks (called Smart Lock Guest Access) lets you send the code you setup via any communication means (at least on iOS). Classic only allows sms.


There’s now several brands of devices that can only be paired through the new app. I’m guessing cloud integrations using the new cloud to cloud api.


someone was posting about Modern Forms recently