Things didn't happen according to schedule last night

I have three lights connected to SmartThings.

Two are scheduled to turn on at sunset and turn off at 10:30 pm. Last night I had to use the ST app to manually turn them off at 11:14 pm because they were still on. However, when I look at the Recent Activity log, it shows both me turning them off at 11:14 pm and then there are entries at 12:20 and 12:21 am saying they “turned off from schedule.”

The third light – my bedside light – is scheduled to turn on at 10 pm and then I turn it off using the app when I’m ready to go to sleep. Last night, I turned it off at about 10:30 pm only to be woken abruptly at 11:30 pm when it turned on again. Looking at the activity log, it says it “turned on from schedule”…not any schedule I created.

Everything else that I’m aware of was working normally in my house last night (though my best way of monitoring that is my kitchen light, which turns on and off using a motion sensor).

Any ideas about how things went so wonky?

Same issue here.

Living room lights and outside path lights did not come on 15 min before sunset and 15 min after sunset as they are programmed to do.

Other sunset related stuff did seem to fire.

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Same here. Night mode was scheduled to fire at 10pm but no deal.

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Report each of these to

Until they get a sense of how many people are affected by the issue, they can’t assign resources to look deeper into it.


Thanks for the suggestion, JD. I’ve just emailed them.

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