Thing Shield + WiFi Shield Question

(Jjhamb) #1

Thing Shield + WiFi Shield : There has been talk in the past regarding local control on the hub and telnet port. I am wondering if text strings from Arduino can be parsed in a device handler for Thing Shield, can this set further to do some thing more on the hub and interact with other devices?

(Keith Croshaw) #3

Can you link any topics you are referring to? I’m confused by your topic title and question.

Are you talking about a thingshield and a wifi shield somehow both controlling the physical device?

(Jjhamb) #4

@keithcroshaw Thing Shield is able to receive RX/TX commands like a serial port, or terminal, coupled with wifi or ethernet shield perhaps it can open the ST to receive plaintext commands which can then be used via a Smart App, just wondering. One device using ThingShield to allow commands in.

(Keith Croshaw) #5

I personally am confused if you’re asking a question or not?

I also don’t know why you would add a WIFI shield to an arduino with a thingshield on it. Are you trying to control it from SmartThings and some other system?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #6

Just a language gap here, I think.

My guess is the OP is wondering if the ThingShield would be a way to bridge SmartThings to/from various LAN IP based Devices.

Sure… It can and may make sense in some specific cases…

But the Hub has direct protocols and support for LAN built in, which is the more direct solution.

(Jjhamb) #7

Hmm Okay… I guess I have see a few like IP Camera and VLC Thing. Maybe usefulness is limited. Thanx.