Arduino Thing Shield

I searched the boards last night and found a few older links to documentation for the thing shield. @Ben @urman Do we have a single consolidated place for information on the shield? I have hacked my way through it and I have the basic functionality of what I need, but it would nice to have some docs to go off of.


It’s just about time for a better page for this stuff. And a project site. @mager @Ben ideas?

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Thanks @urman but I had already found that. What would be really helpful is a document explaining the capabilities of the shield. For example, something with a list of available commands like this one:


I gathered that this is the mechanism to send to data to the cloud, but better documentation would really help.

There’s more information collected here:

Thanks @Tyler but that is the older documentation I was referring too.

What does this stuff do? I have no idea, but the example file has it so you should probably throw it in your code too! smile

As you can see, even the person that complied the info found it to be sort of a mystery box. I ended up going into the arduino library and working backwards to figure out exactly what I needed for my situation.