Smartthings shield to send on/off commands to other switches and devices

So I just got my first smartthings shield and am working on a project using a voice command software that will connect via serial to the arduino, this software is able to send and receive data to the arduino. I have been working with arduino and this program for a while but smartthings is new to me. What I am looking for is an example for the smart things shield that will allow me to send data to the arduino and in turn send through the shield to turn on different lights or arm/disarm security. Basically I will be using the arduino as a relay to send information from the computer to the smartthings hub. Is there such a thing? Any assistance will be appreciated.

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Is the arduino shield capable of this? Can anyone point me to some examples please? I have been searching but no luck as of yet.

There’s lots of ways to do this, but I need to wrap my head around what you’re trying to do and find some time to type up an answer.

Private Message me if you want a personal consultation. I have a couple successful shield projects. It probably can work out for you.

Basically I am going to use a PC to send a string to the arduino then I am going to create some functions in the arduino that depending on what string is received will send an on/off command to a switch or set of switches to the smartthings hub and in turn shut off or turn on those lights. Basically I would like to use it as a relay to send commands to smartthings. I thought about trying to look at the code for a minimote and copy it to some degree. Not sure though.

Why use a “relay” (Shield)… i.e., why not talk directly to SmartThings via a “Web Services SmartApp / Device Type Handler”?

The only reason you would need the Shield is if you did not have IP connectivity somewhere in the chain.

Help me understand a bit more?