ThingShield and "ping" events

My upgrade to v2 has caused a much needed refresh of all of my devices and apps and whatnot… A while ago I built my own dual-garage-door controller with an Arduino Uno and a ThingShield. This reminded me that every 60s, I see a “ping” event happen in the logs from the shield. Is there a way to not have it do that? I tried setting gate debugEnabled to false, but no joy. I guess it doesn’t hurt anything, but if it’s not necessary I’d like to not have it doing that (my OCD is kicking in).

I added this to the parse section in the thing device code…

if (value != "ping") log.debug "Parse returned: ${result.inspect()}"

But that still doesn’t stop the shield from sending the event in the first place.

yea, that appears to be within the shield itself, I don’t know how to disable that…

The ThingShield does a lot of stuff in firmware that is completely undocumented.

It’s quite possible that there is a configuration parameter to set the ping frequency.

The chip is the same as a few other original SmartThings devices, and they don’t send pings…

Answered my own question –