Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat Questions

Can anybody provide screenshots of the Honeywell thermostat smart app? I thinking about getting a Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat (rth6580) and I want to see what it looks like in the mobile web first. Also, are you happy with the native Honeywell integration with SmartThings?

here it is on windows phone, it works fine using the app but most of my temperature setting are automated with the built in scheduling system and using CoRE and the Thermostat smart app to change temperatures when away and resuming the schedule when coming home or when people open windows and doors.

I’m happy with the level of automation I’m able to have with smartthings and CoRE and I don’t think it would really be any different with another thermostat. Unless you are looking for learning capabilities or native control of smart vents this thermostat has the needed integration.

How do you change the system to cooling? Do you just push “heat” and it acts as a toggle?

Also, would you be so kind as to post screenshots of your core pistons?

I would like to see what is possible and also get some ideas. By the way, which Honeywell thermostat do you have? Thanks

I have the RTH9580WF, and yes the “heat” button allows you to toggle through modes and there is one below it that allows you to “resume program”

I had the thermostat before I had smartthings and there is some issues with third party connections sometimes, I think if I could get the same functionality out of a Zwave thermostat I might have went that way, but here is some things I’ve done with it.

I like this one because the circulate function for the fan is kind of built into the schedule and this way I can just turn it on base on temperature difference between upstairs and downstairs.

when changing thermostat temps by routines it changes temp to a permanent hold and doesn’t really allow to resume program, so I use this to resume the built in thermostat program when some one comes home.

I also use the thermostat mode director to turn it on or off based on the upstairs temperature instead of downstairs where the thermostat is at

So you’re saying with the core, there is no way to resume program when people come home?

Android version. I’m not using the scheduling in the tstat, I’m changing temps based on mode changes.

No, there is no way to resume the program with routines, so I use Core to do that

My preference is to use the program schedule, except for when the house is vacant. To do this, I have a CoRE piston that changes the setpoint (e.g. down to 68 when heating) when we leave and then resumes the program when we return. As far as I can tell, changing the setpoint only uses “temporary hold” such that if we are gone and the time schedule triggers a change, the thermostat goes to the scheduled setpoint. Is there a way to designate the setpoint as a “permanent hold”?

[For instance, I can use an IFTTT applet to set a permanent hold.]

The heating and cooling points in my piston above cause the thermostat to go into permanent hold mode. Not sure why yours and mine would be different.

I agree with you. If IFTTT can create a permanent hold, why can’t ST give this option? @slagle