Best thermostat for ST in 2023?

Previous house I had the ct100 thermostats and it worked really well with smartthings.
For the new house I want something more modern (ecobee, nest, honeywell t5, t9)
Do any of the “smart thermostats” allow full integration with smarthings edge like the ct100?
Meaning scheduling, automations, changing temperature etc without having to use their native app?
I heard that for example the ecobee once you change temperature through smartthings, it’s temporary only etc.

Thank you for any help

I have an old Honeywell RTH6580WF which you can still buy. If I deleted all the schedules on the thermostat, I could completely run it with Smartthings. It would take multiple routines to adjust temperatures, but it would work. I do not see any advantage to this in my use case. I usually just use the thermostat status as a precondition on my automations. If I adjust it with Smartthings, it resumes its normal schedule at the next time point.

Honeywell is a cloud-cloud integration. It does not run locally. That is another reason I use its scheduling.

so for like the ecobee or nest can you see instant updates (temperature and mode) in smartthings or is it only polling every few minutes?
btw I’ll be using sharptools on wall mounted displays throughout the house

I do the same, but I do wish We also had the option for a permanent hold through smart things. I have the same thermostat.

I have two ecobee lite thermostats that are completely controlled by ST using no logic of there own. Their cloud has been amazingly reliable and I have no complaints. Your rules, your temperature.

nice even with edge drivers or with cloud to cloud it doesn’t matter?

Edge drivers are only one part of the new architecture. They run on a SmartThings/Aeotec hub and therefore are only used for hub connected devices: Z wave, Zigbee, thread, and some LAN devices.

Anything which is cloud to cloud is connected to the SmartThings cloud and is not using an edge driver.

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It’s a Cloud to Cloud connection, so no edge drivers. I rarely even need to use the ecobee app after the ST integration.

does the same full integration go for Ecobee enhanced and premium or only lite?
Or since ST is used for automation, there’s no reason to overpay for enhanced/premium?

My experience is with the lite versions. I wanted to avoid having any sort of additional control or AI. The lite gave me the ability for simple on/off and temp control.

I have included a couple of photos of the ST app and Routine control to help visualize. I hope that helps!

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