Thermostat Placement

Ok I am looking for advice. I think I need to move my thermostat. And because of other things going on, now is the time to do it if I am going to. So this is a ROUGH draft of the first floor, The red marks are vents. The Black Marks are returns. The Blue blob is where the thermostat is now. The Green Blob is there I am thinking to move it to.

Why move it you ask? Well the room it is in, is “the office” (drawing is out of scale) Anyway we have 2 beefy desktops on in there 24/7 as well as laptops coming and going. Basically there is a good bit of heat generation in there. Also come summer time, that keeps the AC on longer than it should. I fear the green spot may be too close to the kitchen.

Also, the second floor is ALWAYS too hot (summer) too cold (Winter), and I am hoping the move my help with that. Also rolling out Keen vents to help with that as well.

What is the thoughts of the hive mind here? Is it worth the move? anyone see a better spot?


I’m not an HVAC expert, but I think where you’re proposing will be influenced too much by the nearby floor vent.

What about on the wall next to the door where the stairs are? If I were you, I’d get a sensor that can report temperature and place it where I propose for a couple days, then in your dining room, and then where the current thermo is located to see what the temperature differences are. That data may help your placement decision.

My first thought is why not use one of the apps that averages temp data and use that to tell the thermostat how to proceed? I’m using the lazy version (ecobee and remote sensors). If using other temp sensors you’ll probably have to calibrate them first, I have a few motion and with temp sensors but and some are way off.

Yeah I agree, put it on the wall next to the door at the stairs. What is that other green thing in the drawing? Placement closer to a return is good. Don’t put in on an exterior wall.

The second floor really needs a separate HVAC or a zoned system.