YTH8320ZW1007/U and KeepMeCozy II

I recently purchased the Honeywell YTH8320ZW1007/U thermostat to replace my Nest thermostat and it’s installed and working. I made the change as my house has a single zone for a two level house plus a cottage. The single zone is not ideal as the whole house temp was based on the single thermostat downstairs in the entry hall. I installed some monoprice motion/temp sensors and I am using the AverageThings smart app to get an average temp and report it to a virtual temp sensor tile. I then installed KeepMeCozy II and have it looking at the virtual sensor to adjust the thermostat. It helps to balance the temp out pretty well so far (once I realized that the vents in the kids’ rooms were closed when in heat mode and we are now using AC. I opened the vents and the temp is much better. The interesting thing is that KeepMeCozy manipulates the set point of the thermostat and I can see this number displayed on the thermostat. I wonder if it’s possible to get the thermostat to display the temp from the virtual tile so its possible to see what the average temp is when looking at it which is much more useful than having to go into the ST app and then go to the tile to see the average? I will probably buy some Ecovents in the near future to use upstairs to be able to adjust based on temp and that will even give me more control but the current solution is already better than what I had before.

Hello, I just released a new smartapp that can control any vents based on avg temp calculation.

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