Nest and hot/cold area's

I have a Nest thermostat and a Netatmo system with 3 internal units.

I find that downstairs in winter stays warmer than upstairs, so I have the thermostat set at 72, but it upstairs can be 5-8 degrees cooler than downstairs.

Can I have the Nest run for a certain amount of time to have it warm the home, say 30 mins - 1hr and then turn off when it knows that the temperature upstairs (via the Netatmo) is at a certain temperature or within a certain range ?

You’ll have to write the smartapp to do it or tweak a preexisting one, but yes it is possible. You may also want to check out Keen / Keen (ST Community)

Thanks. I will take a look.

I am trying to setup Keep Me Cozy II, but keeps erroring with "Failed to save page: defaultPage”

I would suggest you just balance your HVAC system properly. Utilize the louvers on all of your vents to smooth out the temperature delta you are seeing across your house. It takes some time, but is absolutely possible and well worth it. Your winter setup will differ from your summer setup, and balance is tricky at seasonal switches of fall and spring, but mid summer and mid winter, it is absolutely possible.

… And this is exactly why I want all of mine replaced with the smart vents!

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You need to mod this app to work with Nest, but this does exactly what you need and more…

I’ve been having this problem all year. Now that its even a supported app, customer service cant seem to help me fix it. Keep Me Cozy II creation gives error “Failed to save page: defaultPage”

Easy, sell your Nest and get an ecobee 3.