Thermostat control app based on time?

I’m looking to replace my older thermostat with a smarter one, but concluded I don’t need the smartest out there.
I’d just like to have a schedule to set temps based on time of day, but with several (~6) different times for each day.
Temp setting based on “mode” would be nice but not required.
Do any of the existing smart apps support this use model?
(My ancient Honeywell thermostat almost does already, but only allows 4 events/day.)


This thermostat is wifi enabled and you can find smart app by @RBoy for controlling it in SmartThings environment.

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Thanks for the note. Could @Rboy provide a bit more information on the app’s features and limitations?
I assume this one is the best match:

8. Ultimate Customizable Thermostat
This is the ultimate thermostat with unlimited capabitilies, program as many or as few individual thermostat and time changes as you want for each day of the week or multiple days of any combination there of.

How many “events” (aka periods) per day are supported, and what conditions can they be qualified by (e.g. “modes” or temperature or… sensor states, etc.)

I’m concerned with hitting unknown limitations after purchase of a non-free app.

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Good questions: This specific app allows you to set schedules for any day of the week or days of the week, specify modes for each schedule and heating/cooling set points for each schedule. You will need to install the app for each schedule you want which allows you to have unlimited schedules and with the ability to select modes and days for ea h schedules it provides virtually unlimited flexibility. So you can have 4 schedules in Monday and none of Tuesday and 1 on Wednesday, you get the point.

You should also check out the other thermostat apps including the 5-2 day thermostat, motion sensor based thermostat and mode specific thermostat (which is super to set all thermostats to a single temp when you leave the house).

###More details at

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Thank you @RBoy for chiming in. I use your thermostat app during winter time. It works great.

@georgeh, you can also find this free app provided by smartthings : Honeywell Thermostat Director. It is located in the ST app -> Marketplace -> SmartApps -> Climate Control -> Thermostats -> Honeywell -> Honeywell Wi-Fi 9000 Thermostat -> Top SmartApps -> i.e., (Keep me Cozy, Keep Me Cozy II)


I have a Nest thermostat and use Routines to change temps based on time. I have it set for when I wake, leave, return and got o sleep. You can add as many routines as needed. The temp can also be adjusted as needed. Community developers created an app for it to work.

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