Thermostat and TRV (Radiator Valves)

I see the TRVs are listed on the Maplin website but it also states that they only work with the Netatmo thermostat. From the reviews that I’ve read, it seems that the Netatmo thermostat is a little basic compared to the Nest which is a shame.

Can anyone confirm any radiator valves that work with the Nest and hopefully Smartthings or Echo?

The Danfoss TRVs are pretty great option

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@Aaron when you say Danfoss TRV I’m assuming you mean the LC13. Are you guys working on adding this to the ST supported list?

Out of interest when you say they are a pretty good option os that based on the great work done by @richp @johnconstantelo and @AdamV in this thread?


Hi @brumster, My set up at home is Nest thermostat to control the boiler (advantages like auto away, friendly interface and self learning time schedule etc.) with my Danfoss LC13 TRV’s. The TRV’s each have their own time schedule set with a CoRE piston. So the radiators and boiler are are controlled independently. This works well on my system as I have a few radiators which do not have TRV’s. This is important as you need to make sure you have somewhere for the hot water to circulate.

Having used my Nest now for a few months i’m pleased with it and it is user friendly. It is also quite reliable. But I think I could probably achieve the same energy efficiency with a z-wave boiler switch and good time schedules set by CoRE. You could even use your presence as an auto away feature. It would take some thinking about, but it would probably be cheaper if perhaps not as reliable.

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Thanks - I’ll look at the Danfoss LC13 TRV’s as well - I only intend on having a couple of them installed so that I can heat the bedroom in the morning and at night either on a schedule or manually set.

@richp I have an LC-13 working with your DH. Top job.

My question to Aaron was if and when are ST going to fully support it.

I use multiple Secure stats and switches to control the 3 zones in the house. The LC-13 compliments this by allowing me to time control rads that aren’t always in use. Nowhere near as intelligent as Nest but a lot cheaper (you can get the Secure stat and received for 30-40 quid on eBay).

Top work on the Danfoss DH. Much needed addition to the ST compatibility list (hopefully ST will add it at some point).

I contacted Netatmo about the radiator valve to Amazon echo integrations and they said:

We cannot tell you at the moment, but we are working on it anyway.

So there you go ! :confounded:

Good news on that front. I’m working with ST to get this certified following a prod from Danfoss. Process has only just started so I guess it will take a bit of time before its all official. :smiley:

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Do you know what versions of FW it’s been confirmed working with?


I can’t see a F/W number but the docs that came with the TRV state S/W 1.01.

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Thanks. I’ve got another post in your original danfoss thread. Curious to know if anyone has the older ones working.

Just noticed the Netatmo Smart Radiator Valves are now showing on the Maplin website for £59.99

They are not in stock yet, but I assume they will be shortly if they have listed them with a price.

Netatmo Smart Radiator Valve

I’m working on the Honeywell Evohome as we speak!

Sorry for the delay. It’s been on our plate for a while but we had some other major priorities come up.

We’re working on the Danfoss TRV as well, but that will likely be available after Evohome.


@csuk are you looking at a specific version or will you be looking to validate all versions as detailed here:

What do you mean @Aaron ? They’re not ST supported yet?

I think he’s talking about with the community developed DH which os working well for me.


quick question - how do you manage the danfoss valves? i gather that there’s not an app so i’d have to use the smartthings app?


I use the CoRE app in smartthings. Using this you can control anything based on anything such as the valve temperature set point based on time, or maybe actual temperature sensed from another device.



Hey , i caught this post searching about the danfoss trv’s and was maybw looking for your insight , hopefully your still using this setup .

I have a nest controlling my oil boiler and im super happy with it , its rock solid and while in the uk you cant fully integrate your nest with ST ( correct me if im wrong ) i can live with seperate systems.

My issue is that my heating system is not zoned in any way and im thinking about using the trv’s to just individually control the upstairs heaters as my feeling is that obce the house gets up to temp then all the heat is movibg upstairs anyway so this is my logic , also i have spare rooms that id like to just have on say when guests stay .

Is this what drove you to setup your system the way you have or what way do your setup say differ to mine ???

Thanks for your time

That’s pretty much what I’m using them for albeit in s lightly different way.

The TRV’s are deployed to a couple of rads in a room that only gets used at the weekend. I have s webcore rules that simply turns the rad on Friday afternoon and off on Sunday night.

Same applies to your single zone system. You could change the set point of the TRV at certain times of the day allowing them to be off for most of the day.

Not sure if that answers your question.

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