Thermostat advanced automation

I want to turn on the AC fan when the upstairs temperature is 2 degrees higher than downstairs temperature.
How can I automate this?

We have one return vent, making the upstairs hotter than downstairs. So I want to turn on downstairs fan to push that heat downstairs

Is you AC fan part of a HVAC control or an independent switch? If it’s a switch you can look at something like this: [RELEASE] Attic Fan Smart Ventiation which handles cooling based on temperature differentials.

Otherwise for a custom setup you may want to look into WebCoRE. It has a slight learning curve but is very flexible.

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As stated WebCoRE will do this, I have had this setup for years, it does help keep upstairs and down stairs closer together.

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Thank you for your reply. Can you share your code? It will be helpful developing mine.


There’s some extra stuff in there, like a variable for average downstairs temp. but it should get you started.

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