Thermosat Heating Setpoint in cloud-cloud app connector

I’m developing a cloud to cloud connector for a heating device. My thermostat heating setpoint capability seems to have some unknown maximum value. For example if I send it an event to set it to 98, it does, but the plus sign is now grayed out and it will not send 99 when plus is hit.

I need values up to ~130. I could also use better control of the increments. Is there anything that I can do? The cloud device profile interface in the developer workspace does not show any advanced options at all.

I think the DTH has a max value of 99, you may need a custom DTH

Any idea how to make one? There is absolutely 0 options in the workspace:

The new SmartThings API’s are only for SmartApps and not DTH’s. You’ll have to come back to the classic good ol groovy environment to make a custom DTH

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Developer workspace should give the advanced option for this range setting. Thank you for let us know this. Developer workspace will support this feature in one and half month. Meantime I would like to support your device to set the range for the temperature. Can you please send your VID which you wrote when you create cloud-to-cloud device in developer workspace to here? Also please send the range(min and max value) of the temperature as well.