Thermocouple interface

Does anyone sell a ready made interface to a k-type thermocouple?

I think no. Nothing pops up for “thermocouple zwave”.

I think you’ll have to combine either a DIN-style PID temperature controller that take thermocouple input, that can buffer-out as 0-10v output, to something like Fortrezz MIMO2. might sell an adapter/converter for thermocouple input but I don’t think it will be cheaper.

What are you monitoring?

Thanks for the reply Eric. It’s not clear to me from the MIMO manual whether I can get a real time temp reading from this device or whether I can only monitor set points. They did show in a demo video picturing an RTD but it still wasn’t clear if you were able to read the temp or only monitor triggered set points. It also wasn’t clear how I’d translate the input voltage into a temp. My application is the monitoring a wood fired furnace. I’m currently using a door sensor and a temp controller to notify me of a set point but I’d also like to be able to poll real time temps. There are some devices out there in the BBQ market that do this but they don’t use k-type TCs. I think I also saw a product from Omega that could do this but it was too expensive. I’m surprised this is not a common application with a well worn path to a solution.

Yeah I like the DIN temperature controller for your case. The analog output 0-10v buffer output you want, is not cheap. But the controller usually has relay outputs that can indicate high and low alarms.

I can see that being useful for low-alarm to know when to refill the furnace, or high-alarm to check if the stack is on fire.