HVAC DATS (Discharge Air Temperature Sensor)

Is there a way for me to monitor my Honeywell Discharge Air Temperature Sensor? It would be nice to keep track on the performance of my HVAC.

I would like to try to just integrate with the already installed DAT instead of opening up the supply duct and putting in a generic zwave temp sensor.

unlikely. Honeywell systems are typically proprietary. You did not specify any details to be able to tell. Controller, communication protocol, DAT signal type.

wireless Zwave temperature sensor is the easy way.

In addition to whats above unless you can get the info from the controller itself you’d need a new sensor. I’m assuming the current sensor is based on resistance which means you could not “tap into” it and still have it work for the furnace.

Either a Z-Wave sensor in the duct or a temperature probe + ST_Anything running on a ESP8266 are your main two choices. Slight advantage of the ST_Anything way would be you can also see what the return temp is, calculate delta temp, possible tell when its running, etc.

That’s kinda what I figured. I’ll give the probe plus ST Anything a try.

I also am in need of a probe to monitor supply air temp. I am installing 6 keen vents with a bypass. I do have EIM from honeywell with supply and return air sensors using there Prestige thermostat. Its redlink and have it working well with Smartthings for almost a year. You can go to diagnostics on the thermostat and run your system in test mode heat and cool then set your delta T so if your system starts to not make your delta T or over shoot what you set it will send you a email and throw a alarm on the thermostat. When i installed it I should of made a phone call to Honeywell cause I was disappointed because the only time you can see your return and supply temp is when setting your delta T. The other thing I dont like is it does a algorithm. You have 3 different setting like to out of three or 3 out of 5 that dont make your set delta T it sends you a email and a alarm on the thermostat. I want a alert the very first time it does not make my delta T or over shoots it, if system continues to run it would be a mechanical issue that would lead to a more expensive repair if initial repair not caught.
Anyway it will work in my case for over cooling safety if happens 3 out of 5. However I too am looking for a zwave temperature probe for a constant visual ability.