The UX of this "Weather card" in the Favorites Tab is really bad in several ways and should be changed

Hi guys,

So, right when you open the SmartThings app you are sent to the “Favorites” tab, and there you have this card showing the current weather conditions at the house location, which I admit can be very neat for a lot of people, but for me and a few others, it can be quite annoying because it’s UX is really bad.

There are 2 major problems with this card:

1 - The measurement unit is based on Samsung’s account location, which you cannot change, so if you want to change it you have to delete your Samsung Account and/or create a new one, which might not be a viable option for a lot of people for N reasons. Why can it be configurable, or at the very least, be based on the location’s address instead of the Samsung’s account address? We can set the sensors’ unit, but not this card’s, this doesn’t make any sense at all.

2 - You cannot disable it individually. The only way to hide this card is by disabling the “Show status information” option, but this option is very useful and contains a lot of important information from other devices (e.g security alerts and battery status), so not being able to disable it individually (or any other card, for that matter) is just plain bad UX.

These 2 issues alone are quite annoying, but together they lead to a very bad UX because we’re forced to either be greeted with a card showing the wrong temperature unit every time we open the app or, missing a lot of important information if we decide to hide this card to workaround the wrong unit.

Of course, this is not a major problem, but it certainly is something that affect’s the UX for a lot of people, and this should not be that hard to fix, so please, either allow us to change the temperature unit of this card, start basing it on the location’s address or allow us to disable it individually. Any of these changes would greatly improve the app’s UX.

And if anyone knows a workaround to either fix this card’s temperature unit or hide it individually, please let me know!

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  1. In my opinion it is something that SmartThings got wrong to start with by including the temperature unit as part of the Location, and has got just as wrong by using the Samsung Account country. Even if the Samsung Account were configurable for preferred units it would still be painting with too broad a brush, though OK as a default. I think it should be a user preference in SmartThings.

  2. I don’t think you’ll get much disagreement there. I’d also query why the status tiles scroll sideways as nothing else on the Favourites tab does. You have to look to see what is there. I would argue that all of the status tiles should have their own home elsewhere in the app and that those on the Favourites tab should be those we have chosen to be there. That is what happens for everything else on that tab.

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And the fact it opens a Web site page which is full of adverts is NOT the biggest issue ??

I must be going mad !

To be honest, I use ad blockers on my phone so I never noticed this (also, I think I’ve clicked this card only once when trying to disable it), but yeah, certainly yet another big issue with this card!

Let’s all hope they will improve it with the next updates…

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