Zwave not meshing?

I have many zwave switches and 3 thermostat

All devices that are near to hub work fine but those that should rely on the other switches to act as repeaters do not work

I am able to include all the nearby one with keeping the hub at its permanent locationi

For the ones that are further I had to bring hub closer but after I moved hub to its permanent location the ones that are further can no longer be controlled

Some of them are just 15 ft away of the nearest working switch with nothing but air in between

I have tried repairing the network

All my switches are ca600

Intermatic Z-wave devices have notoriously poor range. I’d try repairing your network again. If that doesn’t work, I’d consider adding a couple of newer devices into the mix.

Just added a ge and a wayne and dalton in between

the ge being closer to the hub works fine

the w&d that is just about 10 feet from the ge does not work


Hub ======25ft====ge=====10=W&D===1ft=Intermatic

Maybe contact support to see if they can troubleshoot your network.

With all your devices in their final location, try repairing the network several times. Check the logs and look for any errors. Finally, try rebooting the hub.

Otherwise, contact support.

I find checking the logs is mostly useless for zwave network issues. It’s unlikely to turn up something you can actually control/fix without contacting support anyway. That, or you probably already know what the problem is, something like a device being out of range and you merely use the log to confirm this.