Aeon Minimote question


When adding or excluding new devices to Smartthings, the hub has to be within 10 feet of the device.I have multiple devises all over the house, and if any of them needs a reset, it is not easy to move either the smarthub or the devise to get them within 10 feet within one another.

My question is this:

Does this devise solve this problem? can I use this devise as a stand alone, independent devise to exclude or include devises in Smartthings by moving it near the devices I need to include or exclude? or does it include and exclude devises to its own separate Z wave network? and how would it see my schlage lock for example?


You can do it with most of your Z wave devices. It may not work for locks.

First, you have to add the minimote to your SmartThings network. It then becomes a “secondary controller” to your smart things hub and it can add new devices and they will join your SmartThings network. This is particularly helpful for things like light switches which are already wired in place.

The following thread has the details (this is a clickable link)

However, locks need to exchange an encryption key with the primary controller when they first join the network and you may not be able to add them through a secondary like the minimote.

Also, I forgot to mention that the V2 SmartThings hub is a Z wave plus device, and it will be able to add many other zwave plus devices anywhere within range of the network, they don’t have to be superclose to the hub itself.

Again, however, this method may not work with locks. And it won’t work with older Z wave devices.

Thanks @JDRoberts! This is very helpful!

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yes as JDRoberts said - i was in the exact same boat when i originally got my ST. i even bought the minimote cause i was under the impression as someone coming from Vera that all my zwave devices had to be close. however, if you start with a device close to the hub and move out from there to the next closest device - i was able to add everything like that pretty easily moving from my basement where my router was all the way upstairs and into each bedroom. much easier than expected.

Thanks @tipton!