Routine Widgets

I know there is a Smartthings Widget for Android but it contains all of the Routines, among other things. It would be nice if there was a way to have one widget per routine.

I find myself using the “OFF - All Lights” routine 10x more than others and it’s a pain to have to open the app OR scroll through the existing widget. I know I could rename the routine so it would be at the top of the list but then my routines wouldn’t be sorted like I want. I simply need an “OFF - All Lights” button\widget\icon on my android home screen.

Does this sound reasonable?

Take a look at Sharp Tools

It’ll do exactly what you want. There’s a small charge for the app, but it’s well worth it and the developer @joshua_lyon keep’s adding great features and is quick to offer up help here on the forums


Thanks for the recommendation, Kevin!

@Lojack one thing I would note is that the Routines are called Phrases in SharpTools. SmartThings renamed Phrases to Routines during the Hub V2 release, but you’ll find the widget you are looking for called ‘A Phrase’ in SharpTools.

I would also add that SharpTools comes with a 7-day trial for each of the premium features (Widgets and Tasker integration) - each trial gets started when you first use the feature.


This is perfect. I bought the widget plug-in. Thanks for everyones help.

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no idea why the app doesn’t natively support this, Wink does.

Yeah thats one thing from Wink I do miss and the ability to do the ok google phrases. Not enough for me to go back though lol.

Using the Tasker plugin from the app mentioned above, SharpTools, you can also add back your OK Google phrases (in addition to the widgets):

PS. I’m the developer of SharpTools, so feel free to PM me or tag me (@joshua_lyon) with any questions.


Thanks Josh off to the playstore now.

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@joshua_lyon will you every change Phrases to Routines in SharpTools for uniformity?

The thing that is holding me up is the Tasker plugins. The Tasker plugin “A Phrase” is using the same resource as the “A Phrase” widget. And Tasker has a limitation that plugins are identified primarily based on the label name instead of a unique identifier (eg. Intent). So if I change the name (without changing anything else), it will break any existing Tasker “A Phrase” implementations.

I’ve been in discussion with Pent (developer of Tasker) about potential workarounds for this, but it’s seeming unlikely that he will improve the identification approach in Tasker, so I may need to add a workaround in SharpTools to handle this. :smiley:

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Hey @joshua_lyon, speaking of improvements. For the longest time I meant to ask you about a redesign of the tstat card to include auto mode. I actually had a mockup for you, but never ran it by you. Thoughts, interest?

Thanks for the idea! Are you referring to the auto operating mode (eg. Heat, Cool, Auto, Off) or the fan mode (Auto, Circulate, Off)?

One concern I would have is if all thermostats supported by SmartThings support the “Auto” operating mode?

The Centralite thermostat, for example, only seems to support off, cool, heat, and emergency heat. The CT100, Fidure, and Generic Z-wave thermostat device types appear to support the ‘auto’ mode.

Yes, was thinking about the operating mode. Now that you mentioned fan, that would be something to add too. For t-stats that don’t support “auto” they wouldn’t really be affected, as I was thinking to just show the current mode. Also, the slider would be nice to increase/decrease the temp for current Operating State (so if heating increase/decrease the heat, if cooling increase/decrease the cool). I don’t have a good picture editor at home, but here is what I had in mind:

Upper right would show current operating mode, the temp icon would be the off button, which would make everything else gray scale when off. The big number between the sliders would be the current temp. The slides would increase decrease cooling or heating temps; and the temps above the heat/cool would be the setpoints.

Thanks for the suggestions! The challenge is I’m not sure how to determine if a device properly supports the AUTO thermostat mode or not. The base thermostat capability has “auto” as one of the modes, but devices like the Centralite thermostat don’t appear to support “Auto” as a proper operating mode.

Also note that in the current design, the Heat, Off, or Cool buttons get bolded when they are the active mode… if your thermostat is on a mode like Auto, then none of these will be bolded in the current setup! Also, I don’t think most people notice the bolding, so I may reconsider how I format the active operating mode to make it a bit more obvious but without sticking out like a sore thumb!

I also want to be considerate of “clutter” within the main cards - the thermostat controls already have quite a bit of detail. I’ve been thinking about building a detailed “dialog card” that could overlay the full SharpTools UI with additional details and features for each device. For example, if you opened a dialog card for the thermostat, it might show the current operating mode, fan mode, heat setpoint, cooling setpoint, etc.

I was thinking the dialog card might also include dynamically built features like the ability to issue commands directly from the UI (like the commands you can send from Tasker tasks). For example, on the thermostat, the setHeatingSetpoint(number) and setCoolingSetpoint(number) methods might be exposed in the dialog card with a number field letting the user directly enter a setpoint. I still need to think this through a bit and come up with a good design as it could get really ugly if it’s rushed through.