The look of this thermostat is amazing

(Just the YouTube video):

Yeah, it’s from Microsoft (and Cortana is powering it I guess?), but the look of it is so clean! If this comes out with ST and Alexa/GH support, I’m so getting it.


Supposed to be out in March. Can pre-order but I don’t see pricing.

Preorder starts 3/28/2018. Availability unknown yet.
Beautiful looking

Microsoft’s promotional video appears to market this as a thermostat for businesses and commercial properties, thanks to the fact it’s designed to be powered by the company’s Azure cloud services. It’s not clear if GLAS will be available to consumers, or when the thermostat will launch.

I have one that I’m beta testing. Employees of the company got the chance to buy some at a discounted rate and beta test it. I jumped at the chance. The looks are really amazing. The information it provides on the screen like air quality and different chemical levels that are in the air is awesome as well. I’m sure it’s going to be available at a price but I can tell you they are worth it. I was hoping someone has integrated it to smartthings as new user myself. I can say I have been contacting support to see if they ever will. No response yet that’s why i came to ST community hoping some has done it.

It is very cool and looks good. However, I have bumped mine a few times and I’m careful and don’t normally bang into walls when I walk down the hallway. But other family members and guests, that’s a whole other story. I know if I had this in place of my Ecobee, it would be ripped off the wall at least a few times now.
We have TV’s that are just about wallpapered to the walls now. Seems we could have one of these made to stick out no more than a mm or 2.

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Bumping this again with the Nest news … anyone ever find out if this thing would work with ST ?

Also curious. I’m considering ecobee, but really like the looks of this one. If it works with ST, and since Johnson controls isn’t likely to be bought by google or Amazon of venture capital, I’ll gladly get one.

It’s been 1.5 years since unveiling.

If this Forum and Google doesn’t find a DH in development, then it’s unlikely to happen until this Thermostat becomes more popular or by random chance a motivated SmartThings Community developer happens to become a fan.

My guess is that this product is floundering so why bother?

If they had made it ZigBee or Z-Wave… Then it would likely already be at least minimally compatible.