The End of Groovy Has Arrived

THis is the lsit of all the SmartThings provided Edge drivers in production


The following is a simple routine using a Z-Wave, Edge, Thermostat that runs locally:


Testing on a local Edge based thermostat, common routines are being marked as local. Testing stuff like IF TEMP > VAL THEN TURN OTHER DEVICE ON, etc. Any routine logic that has to run in the cloud (like some conditionals still) or if any device used in the routine is cloud based would of course push the routine to no longer running locally, but most logic should be fine.

Edit: @Paul_Oliver beat me to it.


Interesting. Yeah I should’ve checked virtual thermostat first. Doing that I see the things my local z-wave DTH are doing in cloud move local.

It also may be that your routines pre-dated some of the logic that checked for local-ness. If you open one of your routines and change the name slightly and re-save it, if it involves all local devices it may mark itself local. Or it may be that the local DTH thermostat drivers still can’t run local routines of course…

Ok thanks, I’m not very familiar with github, I had a direct link to the samsung channel, but I was rightly told that the posted link is not good because it is associated with my hub, sorry, I don’t have the “clean” link without the references to my hub. From github I have no idea how to get and install the drives in my hub. I just wanted to figure out if this edge drive is still beta or not. From my app I still see the beta that I installed

You don’t need to manually install the public/production drivers provided by Samsung. They are automatically installed during migration or when you add a supported device.


I’m well aware that the IDE is no longer a trustworthy source but until today it was accurately showing me which devices had converted to Edge by listing the device type as placeholder.

Overnight last night, I see there were three “HubUpdated” events in the hub log.

Now I have several devices which were previously listed as placeholder but now have some other device type.



ok then it hasn’t been migrated yet, as are the hues. none of my devices migrated by themselves, and all those deleted and put back into Edge keep the beta suffix on the drive. :person_shrugging:t2:

@HalD As you are aware the IDE is no longer trustworthy. You have to use the API to determine what has migrated and what is still using DTH. Set up the API, it’s very easy to do. Pick devices and then filter it by type and then Dth. That will show you the devices that have not been migrated.


Thanks! I’ve been aware of the API Browser but hadn’t bothered to set up a token and try it. The pittance of info I was getting from the IDE was adequate, until it wasn’t. Now all set up on the Browser.


I almost cannot contain my excitement …

I just had another two devices convert! :joy:


I have over 60 devices to be converted. ST has not done any conversion on my system in almost 2 months. They have converted a total of 10 before that.

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At least it’s something. Based on these threads, it’s been mostly quiet on the migration front for quite a while.

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Yeah, it looks like it’s moving again. Just had another device convert.


Woohoo! 4 motion sensors moved over for me. Guess the holiday break is over…

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I’ve had 2 presence sensors, 1 Z-Wave multisensor and 9 motion sensors move today. But I think they’ve been at lunch the last few hours …


The Edge driver is now in the beta channel if you are interested.


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I’m seeing most of my SmartThings motion sensors are now on the production Edge driver. It must have happened this morning since one of the motion sensors triggered my Intrusion alert response. So when they migrate devices over, it apparently can trigger a false motion event causing Intrusion alarms to trigger if SmartThings is in armed mode at the time.