The End of Groovy Has Arrived

I got tired of waiting & wound up doing everything myself. If you have not i would recommend you do the same. If you are not sure then just ask questions like i.did.

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It is a torturous wait …


I have the following that have not yet migrated, and I have my fingers crossed that they eventually will without me having to do it manually. All but 1 are Z-Wave.

6 - NuTone NWD500Z Smart Z-Wave Enabled Wall Dimmer Switch
2 - Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus On/Off Switch ZEN71
1 - Zigbee Switch,Inle Smart Light Switch
1 - Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Outdoor Switch, 1-Outlet Plug-In (2nd Gen.)
1 - GE 14284 Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Outdoor Switch
1 - Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5

He hasn’t said anything new that 20 others who posted before him that they are leaving. There is even a thread for please miss me, I am leaving now. Maybe you should read up there to gain further knowledge.

I have the following using standard DTH waiting to be migrated:

  • Hue bulbs
  • Peanut plug
  • ThirdReality shades
  • Zooz tilt sensor
  • Sonos speakers

I got one device left… i could do it but i want to see how it goes … eventually


For those panicking … I still have 186 devices on DTHs lol.


With that amount i dont blame you for waiting, jeez Louise

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I have two Peanut Plugs. I wasn’t convinced that they’d be supported by a stock Edge driver so I got the “Securify Peanut Plug” driver from @csstup

Works just fine.

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I’m just waiting on the Sonoff S26R2ZB outlet that appeared in a PR months ago but was missing the bespoke handling it needed, and the Sonos that was merged about half an hour ago.

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Say what ??

Didnt think the Sonos integration was ready yet !


Well they did say the near future. It hasn’t been pushed to beta yet so that might be a week off.

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Above you mentioned your sonos was merged ?? Probably where my confusion lies, so it has not been auto converted to edge

Sorry, I meant the code is now in the main repository having been rapidly processed this evening. There is normally a weekly update from main to beta but I don’t know if it will have made the cut for this week.


Yes. Same thing. Very odd.

I still see from the IDE my Bose Soundtouch connected via LAN with the old architecture. It’s a wifi product connected via LAN but I didn’t understand if this too will be migrated or not. I’ve seen a virtual edge drive so I tried it months ago but it didn’t work well so I’m wondering the future of this integration…

They have an Edge driver published for Bose. So it should be migrated.

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I assume groovy vs edge doesn’t matter here - but are routines with thermostats on edge drivers still run in the cloud? Mine are on DTH still and all run in cloud even though DTH is local.

(sorry wrong link) in this list? because here i still see the drives named with beta (bose included) so i was wondering if there is a different channel for edge drives not beta.

THis is the lsit of all the SmartThings provided Edge drivers in production