The End of Groovy Has Arrived

20 days and counting.

This is so exciting, almost like waiting to see what was going to happen with Y2K.

Except you could actually prepare for Y2K.


Please, don’t, or you will be branded an old man yelling at a cloud :laughing:



We had a disscussion about the Integration of LAN and cloud connected services here

For me the LAN Connection to the Hue Bridge is important. Can someone from Smartthings give us informations about the status?


I have numerous virtual switches created from the IDE. Will those be migrated automatically to edge or will they just stop working?

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I too had a bunch(20+) of VR switches. I just used @TAustin Edge Virtual Device Creator and just migrated then over myself to prevent any issues. It’s not hard it just takes a little time.


I’m using @TAustin virtual switches also. There are multiple options. When the driver is downloaded. Scan for devices and it will be discovered. Open the device and create multiple different virtual devices. I’m using momentary switches for garage doors, fire alarm for integrating to STHM, and contact switches for integrating to Alexa.


If my IDE says “local execution” for a given device, should I expect that device to be automagically migrated without further action on my part? In other words, what is necessary and sufficient for that?

I’ve attempted to inventory all my things, trying to sort out where I want/need to be proactive. Fortunately the vast majority use stock DTH’s. But I’m not sure if that implies matching fingerprints in all cases, since many of the devices are old and I don’t know the fingerprint match rules for the existing stock DTH’s. (e.g. Years ago, if I had manually assigned a DTH within IDE, would it have been assigned even if there was not a matching device fingerprint. I believe that works, so just having a stock DTH and/or local execution may not be sufficient for “auto-migration” purposes).

I think you have hit the nail on the head there.

I consider fiddling with the device type in the IDE as effectively being equivalent to using a custom handler when it comes to migration and I wouldn’t be waiting to see what happens.

There will have been a reason why you had to fiddle and that reason could still be there with Edge drivers. You can point devices at certain drivers given a matching fingerprint, but you can’t point at a sub-driver.


I’d rather not wait to see either. I’d rather be following some set of documented “what to do to get ready” guidelines. Lacking such guidance, I’m glad the community remains helpful as always. :smiley:


Hi, @fido

Not that I am aware of.

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Hi, @martin.borg

I am pretty sure this is not possible. I will double check this with the team, though. I will let you know.

In my case the fiddling with DTHs was due to the presence of custom DTHs for simple Zooz dimmers and switches. For about 3 years, I’ve used the custom DTHs to set parameters on devices but then switched them to stock DTHs in order to get local execution.

The presence of the custom DTHs in my account meant that newly paired devices would select the custom DTH.

About three weeks ago, I did a cleanup of my account. All custom DTHs and SmartApps (except Smart Lighting) removed, all GitHub connections deleted. No beta or custom edge drivers/channels ever used.

Fingers crossed for a clean automatic migration.


Hi, @martin.borg

Were you able to overcome this issue or it is still happening? Please let me know

Hi @andresg - not sure which part you are referring to as I had two problems with this Dimmer.

  1. The flicker problem: this was solved by changing a parameter in the Settings of the device. That was a bit of a surprise for me - the Edge Driver actually changed parameter settings for me, and that meant that my lights, not being compatible with that setting, started flickering so badly that it made that room unusable. I advised Aeotec about this and they were supposed to make a change so that parameter settings do not change simply because an Edge Driver is assigned to a device.

  2. The disconnection problem: This happened only once to me. Presumably, I was doing so much testing at the time and excluding and including so many repeater devices, that it must have affected the mesh badly. I did a few Zwave repairs after I re-included the Aeotec Dimmer and since then it seems fine.

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Sorry if these specific questions were covered but I couldn’t find it.

I have I use Rboys LUM as I have 6 Schlage locks on my house. Will I have to move them to an Edge driver before Sep 30th or will they be moved automatically? If they are not moved I really don’t want to have to have rejoin them to the Hub.

A second question, any suggestion on Edge Driver I should use?


If I may, I would like to point out this other post of mine, to which no one from ST replied… This is about a device of which have 12 in operation at my home. These are Philio Pan08 Blind Controllers (sometimes branded Zipato Micro Module Motor Controller Pan-08). This is the fingerprint from my earlier post.

My earlier post is: The End of Groovy Has Arrived - #174 by martin.borg.

These devices always included without any need of a Custom DTH. ST always included them automatically using the stock DTH Zwave Window Treatment. I literally needed to do no manual change.

Now these devices will not include as anything other than Zwave Switch, which means their fingerprint is not included in the new ZWave Window Treatment Edge Driver. Which means, likely, that come 1st October I will lose these devices and they will either be added as a Zwave Switch with On (open) and Off (closed) - or as a Thing.

Can you please check whether this is indeed the case?

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I’m curious exactly how you did that, did you unpair and then repair the device (letting ST pick the handler), or install a stock DTH via IDE. If the latter, did you do anything to ensure a matching fingerprint?

In my case I’ve also eliminated all but a couple of custom DTH’s, but suspect I may still have “fully functional but incorrect stock DTHs” assigned in some cases.

Same here, including removing a couple of rboy’s stuff. I can always add his stuff back if needed. I will also wait for the “new” Smart Lighting before moving some of my automations back.

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Most of my devices were installed before I added any custom DTHs to my account so I’m pretty sure they’re correct.

At some point I installed a couple of custom DTHs for Zooz Zen26 and Zen27 devices. I changed some devices to use those via the IDE. I disliked the lag induced by cloud execution so I changed them back.

Once those DTHs were installed they were, of course, selected automatically when I paired a new device. In all cases after reviewing the device parameters via the IDE, I changed to the appropriate stock DTH.

All this is probably a year ago. I haven’t added a new device or reset/reconnected an existing device in … several months.

I’m not cutting edge here and I’m confident my simple devices are using the correct DTH.