The End of Groovy Has Arrived

Hello. Which devices are you concerned about having to re-onboard? Perhaps I can help if you share more about your set up?

We have a migration plan that covers many situations, and are trying to avoid having this case.

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How about Sonos playlists? How can we start them with a Routine if Speaker Companion goes away?


I did that once for each hub I own months ago and just got broil plate response.

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@alissa.dornbos I am in the beta program, when will Option 4 listed in your FAQ start occurring?

Specifically, I have Jasco and Inovelli switches currently running on Groovy drivers that I would like to see transitioned to Custom Edge drivers (already installed). I was told in the beta thread that this would not be supported without disconnecting and reading a device.


You’re giving your user community 6 weeks notice? This has been in the works for over two years and you decide to pull the plug with 6 weeks notice. Of course you do, Samsung, of course you do. Good riddance.


If your Zigbee or Z-Wave device is currently backed by a Custom DTH (not published in the ST repo) and you have a replacement community Edge Driver on your hub, ST will migrate those devices for you to the installed community driver (What is highlighted in Option 4 from the FAQs).

Please note this will not work for Lan devices.

Also, because we don’t know the entirety of the custom DTH was and what it’s replacement driver is, we cannot guarantee the expirence will be exactly the same (as we haven’t reviewed the code of either and it isn’t in our repo).

When in this situation, I recommend to please check the name of your preferences between the Customer DTH and the Non SmartThings owned Driver. If they are not the same, preferences will not migrate.

I don’t know the previous communication you received, if it’s helpful to you I’d be happy to review it if u send a link.

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So how do we create simple virtual devices, like a switch/contact sensor or a switch/presence sensor? Is there a catalog of community developed drivers?

And you can also create some of them through CLI.

There is also a virtual calendar which you might find useful in Routines.


You can find community-created Edge drivers on the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. There are a couple for virtual devices. :sunglasses:


Any news on HomeAssistant integration? Will that remain?

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The HomeAssistant Integration is based on API access - not groovy. That’s why it requires a Personal Access Token on the SmartThings developer portal.

So you could in theory use HomeAssistant and NodeRed instead of WebCoRE… :wink:

…Just realize while HA itself may be local, the HA integration to ST is a cloud integration (it connects to the ST back end not your local hub) and therefore susceptible to all of the happy fun times with lag all cloud integrations have to deal with.


Although this has been communicated for some time, now that the end is upon us, I cannot express how disappointing this news is. I’ve created multiple DTHs and Smartapps. No longer. The Rules API is confusing, limited, and simply not up to the task of replacing webcore - which I’ve used with SmartThing to build my entire smarthome around. No longer. I have recommended SmartThings to others for years, and personally set up many of their systems. No longer. I’ve stayed with SmartThings for nearly its entire existence. No longer.


So how do we get additional model numbers of a device added to a fingerprint for a “standard edge driver”. According to IDE … All my Keen vents are listed as: SV02-612-MP-1.3. That does not seem to be included in the standard driver. If every model number has to be listed, then who does that.


A local API reduces the need the transfer outside of the home, a cloud Rest API does NOT!


My main concern is how rboy/yves will respond as their integrations are paid.


I still have color temperature bulbs on the old platform. And I have a Philips led strip on the official Zigbee driver on the old platform.

Will these be converted to Zigbee Edge driver automatically or do I have to do it manually?

I have a few devices currently running on the SmartThings Edge Beta drivers. It was previously advised that to get the device on the SmartThings Edge Main production driver, that I would have to delete and re-onboard the device to change it from the SmartThings Edge Beta driver to the SmartThings Edge Main production driver.

Is this still the case?

Or (hopefully) will any Edge devices currently using the SmartThings Edge Beta drivers be migrated to the SmartThings Edge Main production drivers during this migration effort?

Or, can I simply change the devices Edge driver from the SmartThings Edge Beta driver to the SmartThings Edge Main production driver in the SmartThings app?


When and how will smartthings be communicating to the average user who does not follow the blogs or visit this site of the up coming changes? And is the help desk/support teams going to be staffed up for all the "it is not working calls/emails?


Hi @andresg

I have a doubt.

I’m not a programmer. Will the devices that are connected to the Hub and that are working without Device Handler automatically switch over?

I have, for example, Blinds Controllers (Philio Pan08) that are currently like Z-Wave Window Shade working in the cloud!

At the moment I can edit the device type in groovy.

In the future if I need to remove the device, will I have problems adding it again?

Or is the problem only those who use Device Handler?


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@alissa.dornbos , can you help answer my question above?