DC Input Plug - Converting Power from PoE Splitter

I need to put over 100 hubs in locations throughout a building that don’t have a standard electrical plug. I plan to use a PoE splitter to power the SmartThings WiFi Hubs (et-wv525). The PoE splitters I’d like to use have a male 2.1mm x 5.5mm plug, so I’m going to need an adapter to convert it to fit the hub’s dc input plug. I haven’t been able to find any specs on the size/type of the dc input for the et-wv525. Does anyone know the specs and can you recommend an adapter that converts from a 2.1mmx5.5mm male to it? Any help is much appreciated.

POETexas has the plugs and POE injectors and extra cord for this SmartThings hub. Great folks, good equipment, reasonable prices.

Thanks Ed. I’ve picked up their PoE splitter (https://shop.poetexas.com/products/gaf-12v12w) and 7 others from different manufacturers. They all seem to have the same 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC out…problem is that doesn’t fit the hub - so I need some sort of adapter and I don’t what type of adapter and size for the hub.

The POETexas, yellow tip PTZ adapter fits the Samsung Connect Home Pro AC 2600 Smart WiFi hub mechanically. Call their customer support to order it.

Great! I just order a few (https://shop.poetexas.com/products/eiaj-04). They’re a female 2.1mm to male 5.5 x 3.4mm adapter. I’ll let everyone know how it goes.

The next part of the equation is the amps supplied by the PoE splitter. Most of the 12v splitters I find have either 1 amp or 1.5 amps, but it looks like the plug that came with the hub is 2.1 amps. It seems to me, they may not work. I reached out to their support to see what they suggest.