What TTS Messages Are Working?

I just thought, as I’m struggling with TTS and the 3rd party TTS SmartApps, that we could all share out experiences with what TTS messages are working on the Default Sonos SmartApp.

If we can get a list together it may stop others from getting irritated with trying and failing all the time.

The ones I’ve found that work are as follows:

“Welcome Home”

Please feel free to add yours to this to help people looking for ones that do with. (Hopefully will save a lot of people a lot of time, including me!)


Another one “Someone’s At The Door”

Come on people you must have some custom ones that are working?

I tested “A Door Opened” with Media Renderer Event smartapp, and it worked.

I’m using the Speaker Notify with Sound for my Sonos with a custom typed message (not going to post the wording as it’s NSFW) and it reads it fine when motion is detected at my front door.