Flush TTS cache once please?


(Brian S. Lowrance) #1

In the not to distant past, SmartThings ran into an issue with Text-To-Speech (TTS) and rewrote the engine which now has a different voice. The cached files are still out there that were produced by the old TTS provider and are still being used it seems, so sometimes text is spoken using the old voice and sometimes the new voice is used. I wish that since the voice has changed that SmartThings would flush the TTS audio cache (or at least the cached content created prior to the engine change) and let it rebuild with the new voice engine.

@slagle @jody.albritton Any thoughts on this?

Two different voices in TTS
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I’ll check on this, thanks for bringing it up.

(Greg) #3

“Garage Door is now open/closed” is still in the old TTS voice.


I’ve found a trick by simply adding a period to the end of the sentence to fool it into thinking it’s a new phrase. I assume you can add as many periods as you want to “refresh” it.

(Brian S. Lowrance) #5

@Tyler Any hope of flushing out the old TTS cached-phrase voices

(Greg) #6

Something definitely happened here. Some old TTS I had, changed to the new voice today. However, some other old ones did not.

(Greg) #7

Anyone else seeing a difference? I didn’t make any changes to my TTS. Some of the old cached TTS changed to the new voice. But some of the old cached TTS remains in the old voice. It’s actually more annoying now that it switches back and forth so much.

Please double flush! You left some in the :toilet:


(Bobby) #8

What, you don’t like two women speaking to you at the same time?!

(Alex) #9

@Tyler my house has Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) and it is starting to creep me out… depending on what the message is “she” uses a different voice… Jokes aside… has the cache been triple flushed?