Hub Offline Notifications

I know that Smartthings pushes a notification if my hub is offline for awhile. This recently happened to me because a wind storm took out power. I missed the notification on my phone, but eventually saw through the app, that the hub was offline. I chatted with support to ask if there was a way to get either an e-mail or text message instead. They said unfortunately no. I tried to do it through IFTTT, but couldn’t see a way to make it work. Has anyone done this successfully? Hints please, if you have.

I get text notifications.

Assuming Hello Home is missing from within the IDE, try adding this code as Smart App. I know it looks incomplete, but it works.

name: “Hello Home”,
namespace: “Hello Home”,
author: “SmartThings”,
description: “Hi”,
category: “”,
iconUrl: “”,
iconX2Url: “”,
iconX3Url: “”)

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Hello Home is missing on my app. Would that have enabled a way to what I wanted? Can I still get it? Thank you for your patience, still somewhat of a newbie here.

That’s how I enabled it. Save and publish in the IDE. Install via the mobile app.

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Been wondering why I never received it. Just did that!

Thank you John, that worked like a charm!

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What is ’ Hello Home’?