Text device properties for Cloud Device...Possible?


I am guessing the answer is no, but want to confirm. I am interested in adding text device properties to my cloud device. It looks like that’s possible with Edge Driver devices and might be possible via custom capabilities, but “custom” device profile capability doesn’t appear in the list for my device

Am I out of luck? Thanks!

Technically you can add custom capabilities in that section, but custom capabilities are not valid for certification.

@AlejandroPadilla I’m not sure that I follow. I am using the Mode capability, which is in the “proposed” state, and that’s good enough for my needs. But I still don’t see a custom capability available that would allow for entering a text string from the device settings…

@smrtdrmmr Sorry, I think I don’t understand at all what are you trying to do.\

When you say “I still don’t see a custom capability available” are you referitn a custom capability that you created? if that is true, please try to use the id or try to check the capability with the SmartThings CLI
smartthings capabilities {capability id} -j

or What do you mean with custom capability?

No I am trying to find a way to allow users to enter text into a device for a cloud-based device (not an Edge device). When selecting capabilities to add to my device in the Device Profile portal, I don’t see anything anything that seems like it would do the job.

Sorry for the delay, I understand now, sorry as far as I know that is not possible on Cloud to Cloud devices only on edge drivers, but let me ask the team if is there a way to do it.

Thank you!