GUI interaction / elements in Edge device drivers - documentation?


pls help me with finding right documentation.
How Edge device driver interacts with ST Client App ? How GUI elements are described and customised ?
Can I implement kind of wizard workflows from Edge driver, for example calibration wizard/dialog ?

Any customization of the elements dashboard, detail view, or automation screens would need to be through custom capabilities. The first link below is to the appropriate section of the developer docs. I find the second link below, which is the capability section of the API docs, to be more accurate regarding how you need to structure your capability and capability presentation. Setting up custom capabilities is the absolute worst part of driver development, so be prepared for pain.

The settings menu in the app is much more straightforward, and is configured in your driver’s profiles:

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I mean how can I control GUI presentation of these capabilities ? For instance, I can add WindowShadeLevel capabiliy, and get 90s-style slider in mobile app GUI. But how can I make it look pretty ?

Same about setting menu. I know how to add setting, but I want something better than dumb dropdown/combo box. I actually want specific preference to launch new wizard-style dialog in the mobile ST app.

Up to now, the stock or custom capabilities UI design cannot be modified (colors, font, elements appearance, etc), the same happens for the settings section.