Tesla Integration into Life-Energy

Life energy: nothing makes sense! Needs more work.
The values don’t make sense. I don’t know where to start. Attached ST screen grabs and Tesla screen grabs at the same time, just before this post.

Life energy says solar 1586kwh for the day, tesla 132 kWh.
Grid energy used 1034 kwh, grid energy used has been zero until about four days ago and only about 20kw per day. See below:

Yeah - Well… I’d be happy if they would fix the basic integration - I cannot link ST to my Tesla app…

@art_333 Greetings, I am part of the ST Energy product team. The team is working to resolve any connectivity issues users are experiencing. If you would be open to connecting via zoom it would be great to chat to see the issue so I can share with the developers to get this functional for ya. Just reply here or shoot over a message.

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Hey @RottenMutt, I am part of the ST product team. I appreciate the feedback on the Tesla integration and in an effort to improve the experience it would be great to set up some time to connect and chat about what you were hoping to get out of the experience. Let me know if interested.

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If I could actually get it installed, I’d be happy to talk about it. Right now all I get is an error from ST while Tesla thinks it has access…

Yes I will PM you my contact info…