Ignore Presence Sensor on Weekends

I posted this in the CoRe peer assistance thread but I wanted to see if there was another way to handle this via a standalone SmartApp. I have a SmartThings presence sensor in my daughter’s backpack which I would like to ignore on the weekends only. If we leave the house on weekends, she will be with us and right now my other automations are stilling showing us at “Home” because of this. I believe there is a way to disable the presence sensor manually but I am looking for an automated solution that I could setup. Thanks in advance!

Routines can be set up to only perform their actions on certain days of the week.

For example, if you have a routine that changes house mode to home when any of you arrive you can set that routine for only M-F. Then a separate routine to change house mode to home when only you or your wife come home on S-Sn.

As with all things SmartThings, there is always more that one way to accomplish something. I sure you will get some more suggestions from people more knowledgeable than me.


I could see using a virtual presence senor for the backpack. During the week the the backpack and the virtual sensor together and during the weekend tie the virtual sensor to you. Then use the virtual sensor in your routine automations. You could use Core to accomplish this. (If m-f and backpack away then virtual presence away etc…)

I created a virtual presence sensor but I am having trouble with the piston settings in CoRE. In the if statement, I select Date and Time, however I am not given the option to select days of the week. Thanks!

Hmm. I just checked it out. You can set the days of week in the “then” section “only execute on these days”

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Thanks, this did the trick. My piston is setup like this:
If Kids Sensor is not present, then change location mode to away only on Monday to Friday.

UPDATE: I was playing with the logic a little further and discovered the following:

I think I figured out the logic of what I am trying to as part of a larger overall “Away” scheme. Does this look good? Thanks

If: Each of Sarah and Matt’s presence is not present AND Kid Sensor is or is not present,

Then: Set Location Mode to Away, Set Nest Upstairs and Downstairs to Eco and Using Yamaha Main Zone Turn Off.

I’m by no means an expert. I don’t see what this part is doing to help you. To me it is saying if Sarah and Matt are not present then… the kid will always be or not be present, right? It’s a binary choice for presence, the AND section will always be true as the kid will always be either present or not present.

Thanks for responding. I may have the wrong logic on this as well, but my reasoning was that my Nest thermostat and Home Mode would never go to Away because my daughter’s sensor was always showing Present on the weekends. Essentially, now i am ignoring her sensor (for this purpose of Away mode only) because she is with us on the weekends so only Matt or Sarah’s presence sensors matters for Home/Away. Should I change it to OR instead of AND?

I still want/need her sensor to notify me when she come or leaves home, but I dont want it to be considered for mode changes?

If you don’t want the kid prompt a mode change I would just leave her sensor out of the picture entirely. To be notified upon arrival/depart I would set up a separate piston or use the notify me smart app.

As with most topics in this area there is more than 1 way to accomplish it…

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Thanks, I like your idea and will probably go with that instead for ease of implementation

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