Temporarily Disable an app

Hello, I have an idea I would like to share and hopefully it can be done. I created a recipe to turn on my bedroom lights when I wake up for work, but when I take a day off, I would like to disable that recipe without having to uninstall the recipe. Can there be a disable option for all the recipes we create?


you can do this with modes

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So I just created a Mode Called Staying Home from Work… how would I go about editing it to turn off my commands in the morning? All I thought about was just turning the lights off, but I’ll have to physically open the app and press on the PTO Routine I created to turn off the lights. How would I be able to click this Routine at night to not turn the lights off in the morning?

Thanks in advance

I did this in a few apps by adding an active option in the SmartApp setup. If I want to disable it, I just go into the SmartApp and mark it inactive. Example preference:
section(“Monitor Status”) {
input “enableAlerts”, “bool”, title: “Enable Alerts?”, defaultValue: true

Then in my updated() function, I have:
if (enableAlerts) {

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